Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Photography Soup

  • Where is the Panasonic Announcement??? Panasonic, where are you? We are waiting!
  • Not the Garden of Eden.
  • An interesting blog with essays on photography and travel by Doug Plummer
  • Ken Rockwell's posts always create a stir. How about this one? A review of the Canon A550. Quite possibly the best value for money among current models at regular price. His comment that it takes sharper pictures than the Nikon D1H maybe Nikon vs Canon rivalry bait!
  • Interesting in some technical details in the Ricoh GR Engine?
  • Fighting Words? The Foveon Holy War? EDN Senior Technical Editor Brian Dipert has another write-up on Foveon, megapixels and dissatisfaction
  • Yet another photographer faces an Orwellian ordeal
  • From the dpreviews forum, is this the wackiest digital camera attachment ever?.
  • Thrifty Fuji photographers: Currently available two Fuji rebates, $30 on the F31fd, expires 7/31/07, and $50 on the S6000fd (aka S6500fd), expires 8/31/07.
  • More for thrifty buyers at camera deals including the Pentax K100d body only for around $430.

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