Friday, July 20, 2007

Photography Soup (updated)

Rumor Control

  • Check the Situation Room for more on the hypothetical Canon 40D, Nikon D300 or D200X or ...

    Rebel with a cause
  • A Canon Digital Rebel (350D) user photographed every page of the new Harry Potter and leaked it. EXIF data may pinpoint him/her

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • Tempted by the other side?
  • A popular debate is which image stabilization system is more efficient. Some tests published in a german magazine re-ignite this debate. The debate being whether optical image stabilization (lenses) are more effective than shifting the imaging sensor instead (sensor anti-shake)
  • Another age-old digital-era debate is RAW vs JPEG
  • Film first and then digital?
  • Will we see a Panaonisc FZ60 this year?
  • For Olympus users, of OM and other manual lenses
  • Those first impressions... of the G7 by a forum user
  • A very reasonable question, one that I asked a number of times in the past, why are the Sigma DSLRs only using the Sigma mount?
  • Another update on Canon 1D Mark III firmware update updates. Or is it an update on firmware update update updates?
  • How about some love for Linux from the manufacturers?
  • Canon secrets revealed???
  • Okay enough with cameras, how about some tripods?
  • Do you find the new Pentax DA * 16-50 f2.8 overpriced?
  • And some freebies - free digital backgrounds that is

  • Fuji S5 Pro gets reviewed by Photography Blog. The camera was recently reviewed at dpreview as well
  • This camera was begging to be a RAWsumer, but it is not. But it got reviewed by IR. I am talking of course about the Nikon P5000. Also reviewed by Jeff Keller at dcr

    Everything else
  • dpreview informs us about the new Olympus Studio 2.0
  • GE cameras of General Imaging to be released in Latin America.
  • I don't really consider the new Sony network camera thingy a "real digital camera" so I'm including it in everything else. They call it a Net Sharing Cam (September, $200)

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