Friday, July 13, 2007

The Return of the Uvir! (New Fuji IS DSLR)

The title may sound like a book from the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, but it's really the line-up of Fuji cameras that are designed for UV and IR photography (UV + IR = UVIR = Uvir).

  • dpreview introduces to the world the next Fuji Uvir camera (presumably based on the Fuji Finepix S5 DSLR) as it comes out in four different bundles, ranging from $2600 for body only to $5000 when bundled with a Carl Zeiss 50mm f2 macro lens and other related goodies. The official name is "IS Pro". Fuji obviously continues to be oblivious to the fact that most of the industry uses the term "IS" to mean image stabilization. The IS of this camera has nothing to do with image stabilization, it is Infrared Sensitivity. Oh Fuji!
  • So far this camera has only been announced in the US market.
  • More on this at IR

    Analysis Is the bundling of a Carl Zeiss lens with this camera just that or perhaps a sign of upcoming co-operation between Fuji and Zeiss? Perhaps future bundles of the Fuji S5 with Zeiss lenses? This is only a question, I do not have the answers :)

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