Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rumors: Launch of Sony A200 and new lenses coming up! (updated)

According to the website of the Minolta Club of Great Britain the launch of the new mid-range Alpha DSLR (codename A200) and new lenses is imminent. More discussion fo this in the dpreview forums. A number of 35mm full-frame lenses are also expected. As you may be aware there are rumors of a near full-frame sensor being developed by Sony, which would be 1.1x or 1.2x or something like that. Some people are saying that Nikon may have first dibs on the sensor. On the Sony front, the expectation of a full frame or near full frame body is for 2008.

  • CNet's Crave blog picked up on it as well
  • Speculation in other threads talks about a 12mp APS-C (1.5x sensor) CMOS sensor, 5.5 fps (mid-range DSLR after all), 3" LCD, and upgraded auto focus.
  • More on the new lenses in this thread
  • As a refresher, here is what Sony said around PMA 2007 (March) according to CNet.

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