Friday, July 6, 2007

This is the Situation Room (Rumor recap)

  • This is the Situation room with Volf Kamera-Blitzer! The rumors continue to pick up momentum!
  • The Nikon rumors continue to point to a near full frame (nFF) 1.1x sensor from Sony for the Nikon D3, with Nikon getting 12 months of a head start on the sensor
  • The Canon situation is clear that a 40D is coming up, but not sure if a 5D Mark II or anything else is on the way
  • The Olympus E-P1 is not a secret. Only the details that remain to be finalized are uncertain.
  • The Sony A200 (mid-range model) along with a new wave of lenses is becoming more alive with every passing moment. A Sony announcement is expected on July 9.
  • Carl Zeiss will be announcing six manual focus for the Pentax K-mount. Only a question of when, not if
  • Which Pentax cameras will Samsung release under its own banner?
  • Is a development notice for a Pentax flagship coming up? Could it be using a version of the Kodak sensor found in the forever upcoming 645D? Or will Samsung make its own? If not, there's always Sony
  • Which Olympus cameras will Panasonic (and consquently Leica) port to their brand? The Olympus E510 looks like the ideal candidate. Will Olympus allow them to port the E-P1? I highly doubt that!
  • Will the fate of the 645D be finally decided by the new Hoya-Pentax?
  • Will Foveon attempt anything else? The Sigma DP1 is allegedly in production as we speak.
  • Will Fuji develop in-lens or sensor shift stabilization for its next wave of digital cameras?
  • A 3-CCD Panasonic FZ80 using three 8mp sensors? This according to the April fool's joke at this french Panasonic-themed forum. April's fool joke, but worth pondering since it would be consistent with the slotted-in theory. But don't bet any money that this will be an actual product :)

    Shopaholics Segment The Panasonic LS70 Silver is on sale for the weekend for $100 at Amazon via J&R. Reviews of this model which goes by the name of LS75 in some markets and LS70 in other markets, can be found here

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