Friday, July 20, 2007

This is the Situation Room (updated with Ricoh)

  • This is your Situation Room blogger Volf Blitzor blogging.

  • Update #2: The Ricoh forum is buzzing with rumor-speculation of a Ricoh GRD2 arriving in October 2007. Some of the information was from swedish and french sources/magazines. Also a blog post on this (in french).

  • Panasonic has disappointed. They broke a streak of three years of mid-July Wednesday announcements. They did announce a vacuum cleaner or something like that somewhere in Europe though. Panasonic possibilities, including a possible FZ60 are discussed in the Panasonic dpreview forum
  • The chatter on the Canon 40D continues to build up momemtum. More on it at photography blog, (finnish), dcviews, PhotographyBay, Google searches and more
  • The forums are also buzzing on the 40D. Canon 30D/20D/etc at dpreview, and particularly this thread and this one
  • Our DSLR Senior Analyst Kandy Krowlei expects a long hot summer in the non-entry level DSLR market with new models at least from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and Samsung. In terms of competition and impact this may be the closest thing to the ground-breaking PMA 2002 where DSLRs shuttered the $2000 barrier.
  • Nikon rumors have asked for equal coverage, so here it is, from the dpreview Nikon forums, a french magazine talks of a Nikon D200X or D300, or perhaps D200s. But this raises one reasonable question: Would Nikon release a high-end D3 and a D200 update at the same time? If yes, then one could logically expect that the difference between the two would not be small (eg perhaps the mythical 1.1x sensor in the D3?).

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