Friday, August 31, 2007

As the camera world turns (Panasonic L10, Casio 60fps, Canon 40D, Nikon D3/D300, Olympus E3)

In today's episode, the Panasonic L10 shares the spotlight, Casio attempts to reboot the megapixel wars and start the FPS wars, the 40D is starting to ship, while the Nikon D3/D300, and Olympus E3 continue to intrigue.

And before that, we have a new feature announcement, a new Sunday editorial. Because all the good names were taken for Sunday editiorials, it will be named "Village Idiot Discovers the Internets" (VIDI in short). The first edition will not be about megapixels or noise! What will it be about? Find out on Sunday!

Today I'm trying a new horizontal format. Please let me know if you prefer horizontal (single paragraph) or vertical (bullet lists) posts per segment. Thanks.

First, the Panasonic L10. This camera has yet to be announced officially in Japan. When that happens we will probably get a few more tidbits and details about the cameras. The Panasonic forum is disecting this camera, along with the detailed dpreview review. But the Olympus users are also discussing it. More here as well, and here. More on the L10 preview, and a short discussion on its sensor. Is the L10 with the 14-150 lens the new Panasonic FZ60?. And some comic relief: Baby mode and digital zoom. Some people are excited about the twist and shout LCD. More L10 thoughts. And why the silly restriction of CD-AF only with the two new lenses?

Coverage of the new Casio at as well. Discussion of the Sony sensor is revitalized. Interesting that Sony did not use the sensor first like they typically do. Will this shift the focus from megapixel wars to FPS wars? And this could have another welcome side-effect: Cameras will have to be made faster in order to handle the high throughput (at least in theory). A discussion on the new Casio here. More reaction in the Casio forum.

Next we have the Olympus E3. What would you do if the E3 was glorified E510? One user won't stick around for the E3, he's jumping to the 40D. And another one.

And now to the Canon 40D mania! The whole forum is buzzing. First, comparing it to the E510.Then a comparison of D300 vs 40D comparisons. How should Canon respond to the D300? New 40D user, new 40D pictures. Did Canon outplay Nikon? 40D macro shots. Another 40D sample of interest. Come on feel the noise - 40D vs 30D. Wait for the EOS 45D? And error 99 in the 40D?. Potential 40D deal killers?. Is Amazon out of stock? already (40d). First impressions from a 20D user.

The rest of the Canon world: Buy a 5D now or wait for 5D Mark II? Speaking of which. A D3 vs 5D debate. What is this? A A Cano 35mm film EOS 3 with a 10mp/21mp CMOS sensor? (it's on Canon USA!). How about 1D Mk II vs Mk III? How does Canon's LiveView stack up?

In Nikonsville, first on D3 Blvd, we have complete ISO examples, 6400 shots, raw converter discusions, and Thom Hogan's comments discussion. Some lens ideas for the D3, dynamic range talk, LAFS talk, 5:4 ratio talk. But not everyone is in love, some thing the D3 is a waste of time. And while the D3 and D300 are still weeks away from shipping, we have D3X and D10 (full-frame based on the D300) discussions. And more on criticisms

On the D300 side of the ledger, we have ISO 6400 samples, an Interview with a Nikon Vampire, more 14-bit (and here too), something ...scary, image stabilisation, more FF vs DX, and some NX too.

In the Anything Goes segment, people ask "who was your first one" (digital camera that is), others ask is this the end of the prosumer as we know it?. We are informed that Panasonic Direct is now shipping the FZ18. Meanwhile the Rebelious 35mm film resistance to digital continues. Yet another DSLRs vs superzooms debate.A DIY $1 macro lens?. When Bridezillas attack! next on Bravo! The Fuji F50fd continues to be a hot topic. Is Pentax coming up with a full-frame DSLR if Sony comes up with a full-frame dSLR as well? Story by Bob Atkins. New Pentax Japan Lenses brochure. More on 12-bit vs 14-bit. An update and discussion of the future Sonys. Direct link to PhotoClub Alpha. Also, on Sony and sensors.

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