Sunday, August 5, 2007

Best sellers in July 2007 at Map Camera in Japan (The Charts)

The Charts feature is back! has posted the top 10 best selling digital cameras (computer-translated) as well as the top selling 20 used digital cameras at (Japanese) for the whole month of July 2007. This is a snapshot of one store/chain, so please do not jump to dramatic conclusions :) Based on the top selling cameras at this store, it looks like it attracts a lot of advanced amateurs/enthusiants, not "the average consumer". To give you an example, the Fuji S5 Pro was at #10 in their June top selling chart (computer-translated). There's only two months of recent data, their previous post was from 2003. Blast from the past then, among the top sellers in the middle of August in 2003 were: Fuji F410, Casio EX-Z3, Sony P8, Canon A70, Nikon 3100, Fuji A310, Minolta Xt (no DSLRs or long zooms!). How things have changed in four years!

Panasonic and Ricoh dominate the Top 5. The LX2 jumps from #3 to #1, while the GR-D and GX100 are right behind it. The sleek Olympus E510 is the top DSLR, and the Panasonic FZ8 the top long zoom. Surprising perhaps but there is no Canon in the top 10. The megapixel frenzy continues as the FX100 is now at #4.

The used market has some old-time favorites, such as the Nikon 8400, Canon 10D, and Panasonic LC1. The page explains that K10D's popularity jumped because of the Grand Prix 2007.

Again, this is a snapshot of one month at Map Camera in Japan. This is not the whole market. So please read this responsibly :-)

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