Friday, August 31, 2007

Casio shakes things up with a 60fps 6mp 12x sensor-shift (and reboots the megapixel wars!)

Breaking news from dpreview!. Casio shakes things up with a development notice for a new camera that features an 6mp 1/1.8" sensor that can take 60fps 6mp pictures and 300fps video. Those numbers are not typos! It also features a 12x optical zoom lens (35-420mm eq) with sensor-shift image stabilization and a 2.8" LCD. More details from Casio itself. At that site, Casio is accepting feedback from readers! You can even request a prototype.

And this camera has another possible side-effect: It reboots the megapixel wars! But it may also start the frames per second (fps) marketing wars! Needless to say this is nice as it shakes things up. Regular readers of the blog may remeber our discussion about the 6mp Sony sensor that was designed for high fps, both video and digital stills. This could be the start of a new generation of camera-priority hybrid camera/camcorders.

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