Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Countdown to Nikon Day: Nikon D3, D3x, D3h, D300, D200x, D200s we are waiting for you!

Previous text has moved further down this post to make room for the first "official" Nikon leak!

Waiting for Nikon in the forums and on the web (newer stories are posted first!)

  • Nikon D3, the first Nikon fullframe DSLR is previewed at dpreview! (preview, specs, and press release!)
  • Nikon D300,is previewed at dpreview! (preview, specs, and press release!)
  • Five new lenses as well, three telephoto primes and Nikon AF-S 14-24 mm and 24-70 mm F2.8G ED
  • Nikon advanced DSLR forum reaction
  • Official announcement post is here

  • Strangely Olympus decided to announced nine new compact digital cameras that are going to be dwarfed in many ways by the new Nikon announcements. The most exciting of the Olympus announcement is an 8mp version of their 18x superzoom. More on that later on!

  • Leak from Korea? A fast-moving dpreview discussion thread may have details from Korea. Beware! Forum users have found malware on the first link in the thread so I removed the direct link to the thread. Do not click on the link to mentioned in the dpreview thread! I changed the url to plain text, and pointed to another starting point for extra protection (the problem is not with the dpreview thread, but with the first link in the first post in the dpreview thread):
  • Since we are on Nikon-priority today, DigitalCamera.Jp talks about NASA's special order for Nikon D2Xs and lenses (computer-translated to english). Nikon Japan press release (in english). This is a prestigious high-profile sale for Nikon, not just because of the number of cameras, lenses, flashes and accessories customized and sold. Watch out for "Nikon in Space" ads in the future :-)
  • Nothing new since, just a comment: It looks like the PopSci's blogger name he used for the D3 is catching on. He called the D3 the "Death Star" (a Star Wars movie reference), and that name is catching on in the forum discussions. It will certainly be popular among Nikon fans, especially if the D3* turns out to be a Death Star (although some could point out that the Death Stars did not win (oops did I just spoil Star Wars?)) :)
  • More digged from the leak from Google in this forum post (spoiler alert! do not click if you don't want to find out!). Also covered at Imaging Insider
  • First Official Leak! Discovered by a dpreview forum user here. The Popular Science blog quickly posted and retracked information about the new Nikons. The url that was pulled Googling the page produces the first sentence:

    "Nikon’s Pro Camera Assault. D3_85_ambiance_i. Just three days after Canon announced a pair of pro cameras, Nikon unleashed it’s own duo of high-end ..."

  • Photography Bay has some rumors from a Japanese blog talking of a 35mm full frame D3 and an APS-C D300, and five lenses (three super-zoomy (super telephoto) primes)
  • Some are even word-smithing url searches to produce desired results. But you have to give them credit for trying! This is a cool web-gimmick!
  • 14-bit and ISO discussions
  • More excited fans.
  • No leaks yet discussion. Or perhaps this one from Hong Kong is a leak?
  • Another countdown. World clock comparisons.
  • Nikon and full frame. An existential debate
  • We even have predictions of Phil's review rating (for the cameras that don't even exist) :)
  • The Trouble with Tribbles Nikon
  • The whole Nikon advanced DSLR forum at dpreview

    The official announcements are expected around 1pm Japan time in Japan on Thursday August 23, 2007. Unless of course the leaks start happening earlier (not that that ever happened before).

    So for those who have not been following all the Nikon rumors, here is a quick summary of the speculated models:
  • D3: The one that would unify the high-end D-series and ends the x and h split. Full-frame or 1.25x or 1.5x? Also rumors of a 12mp Nikon-grown 35mm full frame CMOS sensor.
  • D3X: Would continue on the D2x, D2Xs and D1X tradition. Full-frame or 1.25x or 1.5x?
  • D3h: The new speed demon that would follow up the 4mp D2Hs and D2h. See D3 for some sensor rumors.
  • D300: A more advanced version of the D200 series.
  • D200x: A sequential update to the D200 series with perhaps the 12mp sensor from the D2x (thus the x instead of the s)
  • D200s: Sequential update to the D200 with the same or similar 10mp sensor (thus the "s" instead of the "x" - see D40/D40x 6mp/10mp)
  • And some lenses!
  • And what will happen to the P5000 series? Will it grow up and get RAW? Will we see two models in this segment? Or just a new version with a 12mp megapixels by the pound sensor?

    Everything else (not Nikon)
  • We have some real news from Japan. has a Toshiba announcement of a 32gb SDHC memory card, the world's largest SDHC capacity according to Toshiba. (link is computer-translated to english). English press release at dpnow
  • And don't forget to vote in our future DSLR poll on the left hand column, right below the Blog Archives. The Olympus E3 (aka E-P1) continues to be the most exciting future DSLR according to our readers, followed by the Nikon D3 (or D3x, or D3h) and the Nikon D300.
  • Noise on noise from the Canon G9 sample pictures. And complains
  • Also gathering steam is the discussion of TR's review of the Panasonic FZ18. I don't want to spoil the findings, but if you guess based on past Panasonic cameras, you won't be far off :)
  • Camera bargain hunters?
  • Thanks digital pro talk blog for the link to our new Canon reactions post!

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