Wednesday, August 29, 2007

DSLR Mania: Nikon D3, D300, Olympus E3, and Canon 40D

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    Around the Internets
  • More photography and imaging news per hour at Imaging Insider. Some recent items: Canon 40D release update (and one that will make Canon fans happy), Kodak vs Vista, book and camera reviews, photography podcasts, Nikon D3 coverage, How-to/Tips, new PBS photography documentary, and more. I could go on, but then it would take me a few weeks to cover all the stories posted there!
  • New items of interest, including the top 10 photography podcasts at the Digital Pro Talk blog
  • The JD Power and Associates car satisfaction survey has been published. This car satisfaction survey focuses on cameras ;-) They even have a DSLR report, although the companies seem to be very close to each other, on a scale of 1 to 1000, the top brand is just 39 points from the bottom brand. File under: Splitting hairs :) On the non-DSLR front, the cutesy Casio Exilim series lead the way, with the rest of the companies just a few margins of error behind. I am trying to take this report seriously but the differences between the companies are so small and within the margin of error.
  • Directly from the author of a variety of books in photography and technology (David Busch)

    Canon 40D mania
  • Imaging Insider has picked up a story via Photography Bay - the release date of the Canon 40D at Amazon has been moved up, now it is August 30, 2007! And what a coincidence, you can pre-order the Canon 40D from Amazon right here!
  • 40D availability is discussed here, and the Amazon pre-orders discuss it here
  • New Canon 40D sample pictures from Japan are discussed here (Watch Impress)
  • Initial impressions with the 40D from a forum user. Direct link to his blog here
  • More updates from people who has already purchased and used the 40D: here
  • A brand new user just posted an ISO 3200 with Live View
  • More EOS 40D hands-on threads have come up in the last few hours: here, here, and here
  • Two myth busting threads have picked up a lot of monentum, they talk about the myth that FF is harsher on lenses than 1.6x. Is it a myth or not? You decide. The discussions are here and here
  • How has the D300 affected potential 40D buyers?
  • Noise about noise
  • 40D samples from Fotki discussed
  • What are the side-effects of the 300D on (future) 40D users?
  • When and why would you use Live View?
  • The discussion on what you want to see in a future 5D Mark II continues. More on this here
  • A frustrated Canon user rants and rants

    Nikon D3 and D300 mania
  • Will the D300 require high end lenses?
  • Will the real D3 sensor maker please stand up! (could it really be a Canon-made sensor?). More here and here
  • An unapologetic psychobabble analysis of the D300 vs 40D situation
  • Here is a historical perspective of the new camera announcements by Nikon, dating back to 1997
  • The D3 ISO 3200 picture continues to be debated by Canon users. More Canon reaction here
  • D3 ISO 5000 sample picture discussion.
  • Would you use a D3 or a D300 for the next lunar eclipse?
  • A forum user opines on the new Nikon DSLRs
  • Looking for a justification to go from the D2x to D3? You are not alone!
  • Why is TIFF back? (in the D3/D300)
  • Nikon D3 at the Osaka Games
  • Why isn't Thom Hogan posting at the dpreview forums anymore?
  • A case for getting the D300 over the D3
  • The requests for a smaller bodied FX (35mm full frame) continue
  • But the D300 is not a bed of roses. Some complaints
  • If you are waiting for official Nikon samples, you are not alone
  • This is a fun thread: Top three lenses to get with the D300
  • Pre-order support group (waiting-for-new-camera-anxiety-disorder medications not developed yet)
  • More from the Osaka Games
  • Why CF and not SD for the D300?

    Olympus E3 mania
  • You knew this was coming, is the Olympus E3 full frame?. Yes, the same topic has been cycled, recycled, and post-recycled-recycled, but it keeps coming back! And every time it generates a big discussion. The cyclical nature of things or the persistence of trolls? :)
  • More Trines and Tribulations. Is the Trine sensor for scanners, not for digital cameras? Was that page showna hoax?
  • More disucssions on the showing of the Olympus E3 in Korea. Here too! (one poster draws out attention to the optical viewfinder)
  • And what about the sensor?
  • A href="">switching thread almost always causes a kerfuffle
  • A recap of the Olympus E3 in Korea situation
  • Trine inpsired some poetry as well.

    Sony World
  • The new Sony DSLR announcement looks like it is going to happen on Wednesday September 5. This post says expect the Sony A300 on Sept 4. Discussion ensues. Direct link to Photo Club Alpha here
  • Why is this Sony user calling for a boycott?
  • A case for the Alpha A100 over the Pentax K10D
  • Burst modes and more burst modes

    Pentax World
  • Pentax users feel left out as there is no buzz or leaks from Hoya-Pentax-ville
  • When 2-3 people are going back and forth in a discussion, we usually get some interesting ASCII art thread patterns (in threaded view). Oh the discussion is about the future (or lack thereof) of the Pentax 645D
  • Help this user pick a Sigma lens for this Pentax DSLR
  • A hands-on with the two Pentax DA * lenses
  • Some nice pictures, posted under the guise of a new camera. Those tricky C&C posters!

    Everybody else's World
  • Prefer SHDC over CF?
  • Sometimes the craziness of digital just makes you want to go back to film
  • Ken Rockwell is the subject of this discusion
  • An impromptu glossary
  • How are the local (camera) shops doing in a digital world?
  • dpreview forums and the spell checker
  • Discussion of the recently announced Ricoh Caplio R7.
  • And so we are not seen as drinking the Canon and Nikon koolaid (kiwi-strawberry flavor), here is a panorama photo from a forum user with a Samsung L700.
  • Discussion of a side-by-side review of the Sigma SD14 and Fuji S5
  • This forum user is excited about his first paid wedding. What is your opinion?
  • A parody
  • H3D-39 vs 5D picture comparison discussion
  • Lunar eclipse
  • This Venus is not as beautiful
  • A Panasonic FX100 review is ...reviewed

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