Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More new cameras: Kodak V1253 and Kodak V1233

Two more Kodak cameras have been "leaked" on Kodak's own website, two 12-megapixel models, the Kodak V1253 and Kodak V1233, continuations of their V-series, which features the V1003 and V803 among others. Both cameras feature a lovely 12 megapixel 1/1.72" sensor, 3x optical zoom SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH VARIOGON lens (37-111mm eq), mpeg-4 video, 1.7 fps (3 images), face detection (obviously!), LiIon battery KLIC-7004, Color Science Chip, Share button, etc, etc. The difference is the LCD size, with 3.1" LCD on the V1253 and 2.5" LCD on the V1233. They will be available in September for $300 and $250 respectively. The Kodak page links: V1253 and V1233

  • Analysis/Opinion: Kodak had already embraced 12mp with the Z1275, so it was certainly expected to see a 12mp V-series camera. Perhaps a slight suprirse is that both the V1253 and the V1233 are using a 12mp sensor, with the main difference being the LCD size. Previously the V1003/V803 were differentiated by sensors as well. The prices are certainly very affordable, $250 starting price for the V1233 and $300 for the V1235. The Sony W200 started at $400 and it's around $360 at the moment.


    Eric Broadhurst said...

    It seems that both of these cameras support a video resolution of 30fps 720p which is a nice feature. I would like to see more compact cameras which record HD video, but I expect we are unlikely to see it from those companies which also manufacture HD camcorders.

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Very good point! I even saw them mentioned as V1253 HD in a couple of places.

    With 720p HDTVs becoming more and more affordable, it is nice to see that some companies are going from 30fps VGA to 30fps 720p HD!

    But as you said, the ones that sell camcorders are probably going to wrestle with this as they may worry about having an impact on their camcorder sales, especially super-zoom stabilized digital cameras with HD video.

    Anonymous said...

    With the new European rules forcing cameras like this to be TAXED as video cameras (higher tax rate)the further development and marketing of these HD capable cameras may be killed off just as they started to get better.

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Very good point, this is sad that bureaucrats are getting in the way of improving functionality by imposing arbitrarily silly taxes.

    And i'm sure manufacturers are going to adjust their products to avoid the higher tax bracket, so in the end both the consumers and the manufacturers and the tax collectors lose.

    I hope some common sense prevails before it's all said and done!