Friday, August 3, 2007

More numbers: CIPA H1 2007 and Nikon Q2 2007

  • dpreview has posted the first half numbers (January thru July 2007) from CIPA. A detailed report with three colorful charts. The third chart is a very interesting chart, it graphs both unit shipments and dollar value of the shipments. That is quite telling! DSLRs are stretching prices upwards while $100 market-share grabber digicams are stretching them downwards! The dramatic question: Did Europe manage to hold on to its #1 spot or did the resurgenent North America market catch up? Read on to find out!
  • And a couple of tidbits on the CIPA numbers from a Japanese analyst of Nomura Securities. According to him, this is the 10th consecutive month in a row that DSLR growth has exceeded 50%!

  • Speaking of numbers, Nikon's Q2 (2nd quarter) of 2007 saw more than 100% increase in DSLR shipments. If we compare that to the overall CIPA numbers for H1 2007 posted in the dpreview story above, they are at 75%. Also telling from the Nikon numbers is that they shipped 400,000 more DSLR units compared to last year, but only 360,000 more compact (non-DSLR) digital cameras. Nikon's dependence and growth in DSLRs continues, as DSLRs made up 27.5% of their overall digital camera shipments in Q2 2007, compared to 17.7% in Q2 of 2006. And this is by units. If this was calculated by revenue, it would be a much much larger percentage!

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