Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New digital camera, the Ricoh R7, with new image processing engine

Update! The Ricoh R7 is now available in the USA, at Amazon thru Adorama. Price is around $370 but can change at any time. You can also buy it directly from the good people at Adorama.com. There you will also find other Ricoh digital camera models: GRD (black, or anniversary model), GX100 (with or without the optional viewfinder), and the R6.

  • The good people at digitalcamera.jp have the story. The R7 story is just below the Casio coverage on their page!
  • Ricoh claims that a new image processing engine has been developed and that will help lower noise. This is good news, not only because of that claim, but also because Ricoh shows that it listens to the reviewers and listens to its users. Depending on how well this new low noise engine fares, this could bode really well for the GX100 and GRD updates (the mythical GRD2 and GX120)
  • The Ricoh R7 is follow-up to the Caplio R6, with an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, a 28-200mm equivalent lens with CCD-shift stabilization, a 2.7" LCD (230K). It goes on sale in Japan on September 14.
  • Web coverage of the new Ricoh R7 at the following websites: Imaging Insider, Photography Blog (with detailed specs), Engadget, ephotozine, Let's Go
  • Discussions of the new Ricoh R7 have started up in the dpreview Ricoh forums
  • UK price is 230 UK pounds with September availability
  • Update: Also added at dpreview with a full press release and detailed camera specs.
  • Now we can only wonder and speculate on what else will come out of Ricoh this year, and how effective will the new engine be at solving some of the issues users and reviewers alike have pointed out when digging into the Ricoh GX100 and GRD.


    Gary said...

    The R7 is very unreliable. I had one (until my money was refunded after the R7 broke down five times)

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Ouch! Five times is five too many!