Monday, August 20, 2007

New DSLR sensor: The Sony IMX021, a 12.5 mp CMOS APS-C sensor

We interrupt our Canon coverage for breaking news from the sensor front from DigitalCamera.Jp (computer-translated).

  • This CMOS sensor is named IMX021.
  • Chip size: 28mm by 22.3mm. Diagonal: 28.40mm.
  • Pixels are 5.49 microns.
  • Twelve and a half megapixels (okay, 12.47mp to be accurate).
  • 10 frames per second (10 fps!) b/c of parallel A/D conversion
  • Claims of noise improvement (I've never heard that before! ;-)
  • Sony's press release (computer-translated).

    New updates
  • Same press release in english
  • Discussion of this new sensor at the forum
  • Long discussion in the Sony SLR Talk dpreview forum
  • Also at dpreview News with the nice diagrams and pictures in english.

  • Nice way from Nikon-Sony to try to steal Canon's thunder and cause potential 40D buyers megapixel-envy!
  • We can assume that this will find its way in upcoming DSLRs from Sony-Minolta, Nikon, and Pentax/Samsung (although some think Pentax/Samsung may also go with a different sensor)
  • We can also assume that perhaps a Nikon DSLR to be announced this week will be using it, that's why perhaps the sensor was announced ahead. Call it D200x or D300 perhaps?

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