Friday, August 24, 2007

The Nikon D3 and D300 aftershocks continue (Pentax 645D no longer a priority?)

News, Updates and more

  • This is really funny: Searching for Nikon D3 on Amazon returns... the Canon 40D!
  • The brand new Olympus SP560 (8mp 18x superzoom - was announced in the shadow of the Nikon D3 and D300) is discussed at the RAWsumer blog
  • informs us that the sale of the Tamron 28-300 XR Di VC (stabilized) in Japan for the Canon mount will be postpostened because of a problem that may relate to the stabilization system.
  • A forum user has the scoop on upcoming Nikon compacts
  • In case you missed it during the Nikon Fever Days, a new Panasonic L10 DSLR has been leaked by an Italian photography magazine. Details in this thread
  • Thanks Digital Pro Talk for the links to our Nikon D3/D300 stories! Today's update at the Digital ProTalk blog features a link to an interview with the author of a digital b+w photography book and a PJ story about ivory poachers in Africa
  • Lots of new news at Imaging Insider with Nikon D3/D300 links (including an interesting look by CNet's, a PMA report on printing habbits and practices, 1.75 micron pixels, a PC World story on camera trends, time lapse photography, podcasts, camera review links, press releases, how-to tips, and dozens more stories!
  • And now some mystery! As early as next week Imaging Insider will be making a major announcement. (I do not know what the nature of this announcement is!). What will it be???
  • With more than 200 votes in in our Future DSLR poll (left hand column below the growing Blow Archives), the Nikon D3/D300 duo is making a move on the Olympus E3, the most intriguing camera according to 25% of the blog readers who voted so far.

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  • If you are frustrated that you haven't found any Nikon D3 or Nikon D300 sample galleries or pictures, or even a single sample image, you are not the only one. Nikon is not allowing anything (yet).
  • RG informs us about the production of the D3 and D300 as he visited Nikon's factory in Sendai Japan. Interestinbgly RG's report says 12K/mo for the D3, vs 8k/mo on the previous Yahoo News story. Discussion of RG's story
  • D3 video from Nikkei BP in Japan (and discussion)
  • If you missed it earlier on, there are some first impressions from IR, including a high ISO comparison (of prints furnished by Nikon though) that shows the D3 "far surpassing" the 1D Mk III. This is discussed here
  • On the sensors: 14-bit vs 12-bit A/D Conversion, more D300 sensor talk, and Sony and the sensor
  • D300's advantages over the 40D?
  • Trying to stir a DX vs FF debate. This one is more direct: DX is dead!
  • Pentax users discuss the Nikon D3 full frame
  • And while we have yet to see a picture from these new Nikon cameras, some people are anxiously waiting for a full frame version of the D300
  • The NY Times talks Canon vs Nikon?
  • Who is the D3 geared towards?
  • Another FF
  • An interesting question: What was removed from the D200 to the D300?

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  • We want Focus calibration on the 40D
  • D300 will kill 40D sales?
  • How does Canon feel right now?
  • On (product) cannibilization

    Pentax 645D Crisis 2007!
  • Forum discussion
  • Amateur Photographer (UK) story

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