Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nikon D3 ISO 3200 sample pictures (with new 400mm F2.8 VR lens)

  • Normally a sample image from a camera is not worth its own post, however given the buzz the Nikon D3 has generated, it is well worth it :)
  • Two fast-moving threads, one in the Canon and one in the Nikon dpreview DSLR forums are discussing, disecting and pixel-peeping these pictures to their heart's content.Canon dpreview forum thread and Nikon D3 dpreview forum thread. One forum user is giving us the full EXIF (link is a picture!), discovering that the picture was taken with the new Honda Accord used car priced 40mm F2.8 VR lens.
  • And this has genearated buzz: One person is alleging that the new Nikon D3 sensor was in collaboration with Canon!. Fact, fiction, dream, reality, stirring the pot? You decide :) This was also picked up by Nikon debaters
  • And are these D3 ISO 5000 pictures from China?

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