Sunday, August 19, 2007

Official new camera announcements: New Canon G9, SX100 IS, SD 950 IS, SD 870 IS, A720 IS and A650 IS

  • dpreview has all the details!
  • Updates coming every few minutes - you are watching a live blog update :)

    Meet the Canon G9 - now with RAW!

  • Official announcement at dpreview
  • Hands-on preview of the Canon G9 at dpreview including a small gallery of pictures! [preview link coming soon]! [Gallery pictures now posted by Simon at dpreview!]
  • 12 megapixel 1/1.7" sensor, 6x optical (35-210mm eq), IS (image stabilization), DIGIC III and RAW
  • Ships around October for $500
  • NB-2LH LiIon battery at just 240 CIPA. This alone may cause some G-series fans to call this one a GINO as well (GINO = G-series In Name Only)
  • 3" LCD, SD/SDHC, conversion lenses, face detection.
  • compatible with wireless transmitted ST-E2

    Meet the Canon SX100 IS

  • Official announcement at dpreview
  • 8mp 1/2.5", 10x optical (36-360mm) with IS, DIGIC III
  • Two AA batteries (400 shots with unspecified NiMH batteries), 2.5" LCD, PSAM (good!), face detection
  • No EVF or OVF (no viewfinder of any kind) - helps keep it smaller and cheaper
  • Ships in October for $300, in silver or black
  • Clearly the Panasonic TZ-3 has forced both Sony (the leaked H3) and Canon to come up with a smaller long zoom. While not exactly the same type of camera as the TZ-series, there's plenty of similarities.

    Meet the Canon A650 IS

  • Official announcement at dpreview
  • With the G-series getting RAW again, there was some room for the A6xx series to grow up and it did. Added they did an 6x optical zoom lens and image stabilization compared to 4x and no IS in the A640/A630.
  • Because of the above, the A6xx series has now jumped well ahead of the A7xx series. But we are not complaining. I'm sure marketing will come up with something :)
  • Ships in October for $400
  • It has the obligatory 12mp 1/1.7" sensor, 6x optical (35-210mm) image stabilized, DIGIC III
  • Obviously PSAM, but (obviously) no RAW
  • Optical View finder (OVF) which is becoming somewhat of a rarity these days
  • 4 AA batteries (500 CIPA), SD/SDHC, 2.5" Vari-Angle "twist and shout" LCD, face detection

    Meet the Canon A720 IS
  • Official announcement at dpreview
  • As expected it got an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor upgrade, DIGIC III, face detection. In many ways it is very similar to the A650-IS. Apart from what's already been mentioned, it has 2 AA batteries instead (400 CIPA), and a 2.5" fixed and lower res LCD instead of the "twist and shout" of the A650 IS.
  • Infact the gap between the two is such that this guy will be very bargain priced from the getgo, starting at $250! Wow!?!?

    Meet the Canon SD 870 IS

  • Official announcement at dpreview
  • Follow-up to the Canon SD 800 IS (if you lost track, that's the one that starts at 28mm).
  • Starting price is $400
  • 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, image stabilization, 28-105mm, 3" LCD, no OVF
  • DIGIC III, face detection, 270 CIPA LiIon battery, in silver and black (but not a Raiders fans?)

    Meet the Canon SD 950 IS

  • Official announcement at dpreview
  • This being the 1/1.7" big-sensor Elph/Ixus/Ixys, it follows up on the SD850-IS with 12 megapixels.
  • Sells for $450 in September (Canon in a hurry for a 12 megapixel in the market?)
  • 240 CIPA LiIon battery, 2.5" LCD but with OVF (optical viewfinder)
  • 35-133mm 3.7x optical zoom lens, DIGIC III, titanium body, face detection, etc

  • Adding RAW to the G9 is a big plus. Having a miserable-240 CIPA battery makes it look like a GINO!
  • As I mentioned before many times, Canon likes to upgrade to newer sensors in bulk and not right away. So it is not surprise that we have three new 12 megapixel Canons today.
  • This may sound strange but this was another victory for Panasonic as they have been able to set the tone in the compact digital market. This time it is the TZ-series that cuased both Sony (H3) and Canon (SX 100 IS) to react. As you may recall, in the past, Panasonic set the tone in the market in these areas: made image stabilization available to affordable long zooms, mid-range zoom cameras, and ultracompacts (infact every camera in their line-up). They also forced the issue on 28mm ultracompacts. ergo the SD800IS and now the SD870 IS from Canon.


    Dr Hiding Pup said...

    I want an A650 IS with RAW. Jam tomorrow, never jam today.

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Indeed! That would have been really nice since the A650-IS is now a G7 without the glitter but with twice the battery life!

    But sadly the twisted minds of some camera marketing people won't let something like that to happen. Perhaps if buyers cause a raucus the same way they did with the G7, Canon will be forced to offer RAW in the next future model (A660-IS?).