Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Olympus to use Tribbles in their new E3 flagship DSLR?

  • Well, not quite Tribbles, but Trine! That's the latest buzzword in the Olympus forums at dpreview. Look at this discussion. So the buzz now says that the E3 sensor may be a 10mp CCD FFT (full frame transfer) with hints of Foveonesque technology. A reference to a LL (Luminous Landscape) post from PMA 2007 is made to back this up. Others are thinking in terms of camcorder 3CCD designs. Others think this is a hoax or a fantasy or something along those lines. Your guess is as good as mine! But if I was a company planning a major announcement, I would probably hold off until next week. The Nikon D3 and D300 buzz may still overshadow a new DSLR, unless it is shockingly ground-breaking. There is the IFA show in Berlin, and that one is fixed i time, so perhaps some of the maneuvering is with that target in mind as well. Who knows! Time will tell though :)
  • A new thread just popped up with a guy in Taiwan holding the E3 and the E1 in each hand
  • Meanwhile Korean forums are buzzing with pictures of what appears to be the unveiling of the Olympus E3. Waiting for translations at the moment :)
  • For more discussions and new rumoralia check the Olympus DSLR forum at dpreview. Videos of the E3 have also surfaced!
  • Discussions based on the revelations from Asia has picked up momentum: On the back of the camera, on the LCD
  • MUST SEE: Some of the best pictures of the E3 so far courtesy of SLRClub.com with the cameras posing for the photographers!
  • And to keep the irrational exhuberance in check, this forum user reminds us all that these cameras shown in Korea and in other places in Asia are mockups

  • On the blogging front, I have yet to go through the nine new Olympus cameras announced in the shadow of the D3 and D300. I did post a write-up on the Olympus SP560 at the RAWsumer blog. (Those not familiar with 1001noisy speak, RAWsumer refers to all non-DSLR cameras that support RAW natively). But I still did not get around to the other eight Olympus shiny silvers.
  • Also at RAWsumer a round-up of the latest reviews and discussions on the Panasonic FZ18, leading the 2nd wave of 18x superzooms into the ...noisy market


    Anonymous said...

    The model shown at the Olympus Korea promotion was a workable model. Not a mock-up. No body was allowed to take pictures with it. You can tell simply by one of the models that show "No Card" in the LCD screen. Very few details of the E-3 spec was announced. Official announcement Oct 17th, sales start in November.

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Thanks for the update! Were they finalized or workable work-in-progress models? Maybe they only implemented the card-reader module so far :) It is interesting that they are going so late with the official announcement. Unless the are planning "accidental" leaks before then.