Monday, August 13, 2007

Photography Soup (8/13/07)

  • I hope you are enjoying our first ever 1001 noisy review of the B&H Summer 2007 catalog!
  • I understand there have been some technical difficulties with the Polls, they appear to be okay right now. And as they say during elections: Vote early, and often! With this poll, it is legal to do both :)
  • According to, Canon has announced a new video camera, the iVIS HG10. While a camcorder is not a digital camera, new product announcements sometimes attract more new product announcements :)
  • More on imaging sensors at image sensors world
  • Lots of photography and imaging news at Imaging Insider!. By the way, a big thank you to the Imaging Insider for their nice words about this blog!
  • Shoppers and bargain hunters only!

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • If Ann Coulter wrote a book about the Pentax FA 35mm what would she call it?
  • A pros and cons discussion on the Leica D-Lux 3 (aka Panasonic LX2)
  • The age old question of "age vs experience" gets photo-revisited
  • Quality issues discussion on Nikon products.
  • Those first impressions (with the Pentax DA * lenses)
  • Discussion on Microsoft's HD Photo (aka JPEG XR)
  • More Ricoh talk
  • Olympus Magenta Mystery Explained!
  • How does the Pentax K10D do in low light?
  • How about a picture of Amanda Parker of the Dresden Dolls?
  • If you missed it from yesterday, speculation on future Sony Minolta lenses
  • Are these real pictures of the Nikon D3X? (assuming the Nikon D3X is a real product that is)
  • On cameras and expectations
  • Let's not forget the Canon 1Ds Mark III! It deserves some speculation too!. After all it is the current Big Daddy of all DSLRs!
  • Never too early to plan ahead: Buy the Canon EOS 5D or the TBD 40D?

    Reader Questions segment (via Google)
  • Q: How do you install a Foveon sensor in the Pentax K10D?
    A: I don't think I can answer that :-)
  • Q: Can I buy the Nikon D200x kit on eBay?
    A: Certainly not right now :)

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