Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Photography Soup (8/14/07) [updated and reformatted]

  • Update: The post has been restructured as it grew too long!

    Around the "Internets"
  • The "digital Polaroid" that actually prints out of the camera may be coming back according to this post and IR. The company behind it is ZInk (not Zinc, but Zero Ink Zink). They bought a former Konica Minolta factory in NC, and have ex-Polaroid employees as well. Their website is Zink.com. Read on for more details!
  • Meanwhile Mobile Magazine talks about a new interchangeable lens cell phone from China. But it only has a 1.3 megapixel sensor. Check the link for pictures and details.
  • How to choose your next lens? (SLRgear article). A detailed and practical article! Must read!
  • First reactions from the first ever noisy review of the B&H Summer 2007 catalog at Imaging Insider
  • Lots of new stories at Imaging Insider, including a urine-powered battery!
  • Thanks to everyone voting in our first poll. With over 100 votes in, we can now discuss the results. The most exciting upcoming rumored/speculated cameras according to our readers are currently the Nikon D3 (D3x/D3h), Olympus E3/E-P1 (their new flagship), Nikon D300 and Canon's 5D follow-up (whether its a 3D, 5D Mark II or a 7D).

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • A nice summary of the official Olympus E3 teasers in the dpreview news forum.
  • This user wants to eliminate the optical viewfinder and the shutter. Obviously this won't sit well with the "SLR nativists" :-)
  • New flash memory technology discussion
  • GIMP users unite and take over!
  • More discussions on JPEG vs Microsoft HD Photo (aka JPEG XR)
  • Best photo hosting website?
  • The discussions in at phorum grammeurs is continuations at here
  • Yet another full frame discussion
  • Is this an eBay scam?
  • Some Ricoh talk: wishlist for firmware updates and/or follow-ups to the GX100 and GRD (very detailed list!), and a new user's experience with the GX100. The wishlists are also available in web page format
  • Discussion of the Panasonic FZ18 sample pictures by Impress Watch.
  • Those subscribed to the Adorama mailing list may know this already, but they have unlimited 11x14 prints for $1.99, up until August 23, 2007.
  • Existential thread on the future of 4/3rds
  • Lots of pictures from the Sunday Bird
  • Discussion on the RAW engine of Olympus Studio 2.0 (software from Olympus)
  • Pentax user impressed with Nikon D40
  • Rechargeable AA battery discussion
  • Reader Question: Please feel free to make suggestions for things to cover, especially off-beat or hard to find or obscure topics :)
  • From the Shiguma forum, Foveon, SD14 and noise. And a general purpose Foveon discussion
  • Pictures from the Greek Islands
  • Would you switch from a Canon S5 IS to a Panasonic FZ18 super-zoom?
  • Revisiting the Fuji F50fd review from Japan
  • How about some funny pictures?
  • Yet another photographer harassed

    Rumoralia Zone (Olympus, Sony, sensors, Elph/Ixus/Ixy)
  • You have entered the Rumoralia Zone! This contains a combination of rumors, facts, fiction, fantasies, dreams, nightmares, speculations and made up stuff. The tough part is figuring out which is which :)
  • More Olympus E3 rumors discussions here. Still unclear whether it will be E3 or E-P1 or P1. Also not known yet is whether it will use the same sensor as the E510/E410 or a different sensor. But the excitement levels are rising!
  • Lots of buzz in the Sony SLR Talk forum. The moment is almost upon us writes Photo Club Alpha, talking about a letter from Sony. But there's some french rumors as well. Another talks of a 1.25x crop factor.
  • A forum user illustrates how pictures from a 1.25x crop sensor would compare
  • More rumors on Sony here and at Engadget
  • And a silly one.
  • The Nikon people are discussing the rumor of the Sony 1.25x crop sensor.
  • Rumor of a Canon SD870-IS (8mp, 3.8x optical zoom, 3" LCD)

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