Thursday, August 16, 2007

Photography Soup (8/16/07): Leaked Sony Cybershot H3 and T200 and T70

  • Leaked by SonyStyle Canada: H3 (an answer to Panasonic's TZ-series) and T200 (new T-series flagship with 3.5" LCD), and T70 (a step below the T200)
  • One of the many stories and updates at Image Insider is quite funny and interesting at the same time: A japanese macaque monkey in a Russian Zoo wants privacy from cellphone shutterbugs! And if they don't pay attention, he'll take action! Read on for the details!
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  • One by one the camera manufacturers that have own EISA 2007 awards are issuing press releases in Japan. Coverage by (computer-translated to english)
  • The leaks of the Sony H3 and T200 (and T70) have delayed updates to the Daily Soup :)

    And now the promised updates - a few centuries later:
  • dpreview forum discussion of the comparison galleries of the Nikon D2Xs and the Canon 1D Mark III
  • Which 12-24 lens discussion (Tokina vs Nikon DX)
  • My 5D beats your my 1D Mark III - a discussion [not mine btw, that's the thread title!]
  • Yet another full frame extravaganza (this time with a 4/3rds flavor)
  • High speed film or expensive DSLR?
  • An editorial and a discussion on HDR
  • Quiz: How many versions of the Ricoh GRD are out there?. [No prizes for the winners I'm afraid, this is a poor blog :)]
  • Olympus and 4/3rds users are celebrating a Metz flash!
  • How about interchangeable sensors?
  • More lessons in supply and demand
  • And some Sigma/Foveon discussion
  • How about aerial pictures from the critically acclaimed Olympus C8080?
  • This must hurt: Resale value of the M8?
  • Suggestions for laptops for photography

  • Would a 1.25x Sensor be a problem for Sony?
  • Rumors of a Pentax Optio A40, a predictable 12mp upgrade to the Optio A30. And some speculation
  • Is full frame the future (Nikon)
  • Nikon D3: A leaked teaser ad allegedly talks of 9 fps, 51 autofocus points and 3" (920K) LCD (dpnet via PhotographyBay). Others: Nikon blog (wordpress), dpreview discussion of that.
  • Canon 40D: One forum users talks of the 40D being a 1D Mark III Lite (via Photography Bay). And here, and lots more in the dpreview forum

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