Thursday, August 2, 2007

Photography Soup (8/2/07) (updated with Sony rumors)

  • Muddy Waters: Is Sony exiting the DSLR market? Rumors, speculation, gossip, wishful thinking, and more are flying around. This blog says they are ejecting (no source of the information is cited in the post). This one says they are not. The Sony SLR forum is buzzing. Needless to say losing Sony and future growth of the Minolta mount would be a terrible loss for the world of photography. I hope this is not true!

  • I don't know if Canon reps were put through the Spanish Inquisition to confess this, but there is a new post with a Canon 40D rumor in the Canon 30D/20D/etc forum. The rumor talks of a 10mp APS-C self-cleaning sensor, 6.25fps (17 RAW or 75 JPEG), ISO in 1/3 steps, LiveView on a 3"LCD. More details and a long discussion at the link
  • A great resource is the Pumpkin, a collection of PDF documents on optics, imaging and photography written by Doug Kerr
  • More on the Fuji F50 from Japan. This round of sample images has been received rather bearishly by the forum readers. Japanese link
  • Another ToastMaster thread (debate for the sake of debate): Is Canon losing its leadership?. Another Toastmaster's thread on the megapixels and numbers race
  • A quick round-up on some threads of specific interest: Mamiya USA, NFL and photographers, AA filters, DSLRs vs RFs
  • Sony recalls T50 T5 cameras. The item of interest is that they reveal the number of them shipped: 416,000. The story appeared on earlier today but did not get a lot of traction (yet).
  • Speaking of, they inform us that the Tamron AF28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 XR Di VC (vibration correction, their term for image stabilization) will ship on August 28 in Japan for around 84,000 yen (list price with tax I think) for the Canon mount. The Nikon mount version will come out later in the year. (Although the way Nikon is selling in Japan, they may want to consider releasing the Nikon version first :)
  • Lens measurements and crop factors discussion
  • Lens discussion: Canon 24-105 or 24-70?
  • Discussion of the samples from the Pentax DA * 16-50 from digitalfotonetz
  • Film look vs digital look?
  • Lots and lots of news items at the Imaging Insider. Some of the recent topics and links: Kodak CEO talks about sensor develompent, an interview with Chris Wilson, Kodak and Shutterfly financial numbers, Sony's T50 T5 recall, sensors of choice in Taiwan, top 10 bling-bling bling'ed cameras, Sony exiting DSLRs? and tons more!
  • Imaging Sensor news at the Image Sensors World blog. Included is a very interesting story from Digitimes, discussing sensors (CCD vs CMOS) and quoting Taiwanese digital camera manufacturers. So were CMOS sensors victims of the megapixel wars?
  • Non-DSLR digital cameras that support RAW are the main subject of RAWsumer
  • Today's dessert is actually a breakfast item: pancakes!

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