Friday, August 3, 2007

Photography Soup (8/3/07) (updated with new Leica M-series lenses)

  • dpreview informs us that Leica has announced four new F2.5 lenses for the M-series. The lenses are 35, 50, 75 and 90mm and they are "affordable" by Leica price standards. These are "full frame" lenses, so when used on the digital M8 they will have a longer equivalent. Prices not announced! forum discussion on the lenses.

    Situation Room Express Update: Sony denies rumors!
  • Volf Kamera-Blitzor here with a quick update!
  • Sony's own Electronics Blog has a short interview with a sr Sony digital camera manager denying the recent rumors of lens recalls and Sony exiting the DSLR business.
  • Sony DSLR forum discussion of their discussion here

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • Discussion of sample image crops from the new Pentax 16-50 DA * lens
  • The Panasonic TZ3 is big in Japan oops, wrong song, it's Big in France! The best selling camera there! Discussion. Also, press release from Panasonic France (in french)
  • Is the Panasonic FZ18 an Olympus SP550 killer? Or is Olympus the SP550 killer, some ask...
  • The Police (no, not Sting's Police) search a photographer
  • An interesting discussion on artistic quality of a picture vs technical quality. 100% pixel peeping analysis -vs- creative analysis of a picture.
  • Droolfest: Nikon 85mm f/1.4. Not to be outdone, the Pentax folks drool over their own 85mm lens.
  • Why is Canon dominating the press?
  • Cuban photographer in exile (discussion of Miami Herald story)
  • Discussion of a review of the Sigma 18-200 DC OS
  • Discussion on the price of the Ricoh GX100. In the US market the camera is only available from one major online retailer, which may be causing inflexibility in the price (economics 101). Speaking of Ricoh they have a good chance at creating a lot of buzz if their GRD and GX100 follow-up models continue the improvement pattern!
  • Counting blinks
  • The War on Noise continues
  • And of course one more gigantic Canon 40D rumor/leak/speculation/wishful thinking thread. Some 40D "fan sites" here and here
  • Insert jingle here: I got it on eBay! (not me)

    Blog Notes
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  • I was trying to reformat the blog in order to add a poll for the most anticipated yet non-existing upcoming DSLR :-), but unfortunately blogger is currently experiencing technical difficulties with polls right now.

    Early Edition
  • New 4/3rds website
  • The numbers segment has grown both in size and importance so it was moved to its own post
  • Mike Chaney wrote in his monthly column at Steve's digicams about the Megapixel Masquarade. The article is discussed in the dpreview forums, including a response from the author!
  • Where are the Prosumers? asks CNet.
  • Memory card updates from Panasonic SD cards ranging from a 256mb 3-pack to 8gb SDHC and an SDHC-to-CF adapter from HSGear. There's also an update on Fuji's "analog memory cards", the Superia X-TRA400 and Fuji color 100. You may be more familiar with the old school name for "analog memory cards" ---> FILM!
  • Today's dessert is not the bird, but the book teaching us how to take better pictures of the bird :-)

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