Saturday, August 4, 2007

Photography Soup (8/4/07) (updated)

  • The RAWsumer blog has been updated with speculation for the rest of 2007 for Sony, Olympus, Ricoh, Fuji and Samsung. RAWsumers are non-DSLRs that support the RAW format. If the term does not sound familiar, there is a good reason: I made it up :)
  • If you haven't caught up with the latest Canon 40D rumors, here are the two big threads discussing them in the Canon dpreview forums: here and here, also here, but here too! Check the forum itself for more
  • On the Sony rumor front as you may recall from a couple of days ago, Sony's own blog denied the claims of exiting the market. A number of Sony SLR Talk dpreview forum threads are obviously discussing this: here, here, here, and here too!.
  • Will the Mamiya ZD challenge the Canon 1Ds series?
  • Lots of photo & imaging headlines at Imaging Insider
  • Pentax K10D Grand Prix special edition is delivered to a happy user!
  • How about an IS Bracketing feature?
  • RiceHigh's opinions on the latest Pentax DSLRs are debated
  • For the curious people: What's your computer wallpaper?
  • Some comic relief: pictures of photographers (link has lots of embedded pictures)
  • And a compare and contrast discusion: E410 and 5D
  • Help for those going from an Olympus C8080 to an E-series DSLR
  • A week is not complete without a (35mm) full frame discussion!
  • Some picture discussion, Forbidden City (link has lots of embedded pics in it)
  • How about some tips on the Panasonic TZ3
  • How about photographing UFOs?
  • And another Nikon D3 rumors and speculations thread.
  • Nice resource: Table of Shutter lag times for a lot of recent digital camera models.
  • War on Photographers story at Pop Photo.
  • Shopaholics only!

    Blogging matters
  • Thanks Nikonians for the link!
  • Memo to Blogger: Get your act together! I've been losing posts because of your editing bug that eats up post updates! And fix the Polls too :-) Otherwise I will be joining other bloggers in the great migration to Wordpress :-)

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