Monday, August 6, 2007

Photography Soup (8/6/07) (updated)

  • PC Magazine picks their favorite digital cameras as part of their Back To School mega-feature. Take that with a grain of salt as they have strange comments like this: "If you want more zoom from a kit lens and are willing to pay just a bit more for a D-SLR, the Nikon D80 is the camera for you", which makes you wonder whether their choices are the results of a beauty contest, or a random drawing :-) Apparently they are confused: They may be thinking that the D80 bundled with the 18-135 are glued together, and the D40/D40x are glued to the 18-55 DX lens :) Needless to say the D80 is available as body only, with the 18-55 or the 18-135 lens, and the D40/D40x are available as body only, with 18-55, or with a two-lens kit that *gasp* has "more zoom" than the D80 lens!
  • Sony DSLRs vs Sony Sensors?
  • Sony is looking for an evangelist in Australia!.
  • Pentax 16-50 DA * vs Shiguma 17-70?
  • Discussion on Thom Hogan's 2006 predictions
  • Some pictures from China
  • Would you like a 4/3rds-based rangefinder camera?
  • A Canon user buying a Nikon D200? Oh my!
  • The Giants are dooking it out: 1D Mark III vs D2X

    Situation Room mini-update!
  • September 6 is perhaps the day we find out about the new Sony digital camera products (DSLRs, lenses, etc).
  • Sony users's take on the rumored Canon 40D
  • Another fake Ricoh GRD2 (GRDX) picture?
  • A recap of the latest press announcements has Canon on August 21, Pentax on the 23rd and Nikon on the 24th.
  • Someone thinks Pentax won't release any other new lenses in 2007
  • The sources of rumors are infinite. This user got 40D info in his dream!

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