Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Photography Soup (8/7/07) [updated]

  • The Polls seem to be working again, so I just added a new poll! Which one of the future rumored/speculated/expected DSLRs do you think is/are the most exciting. This is a multiple choice poll. The poll will remain active until mid-October, by which time most of the announcements will have been made. (Although we may get a November surprise like we did last year!)
  • Thanks for the link to the OK1000 Pentax blog!
  • Can't stop shopping?
  • If you like your cameras to like it ...RAW
  • More coming in a few minutes...

    Picture threads! (dpreview forums)
  • Telephoto landscapes
  • Retouching: Sunflower

    Future Talk - discussions on upcoming or speculated products
  • Next Canon EF-S lens?
  • What if the upcoming Sony DSLRs are very good?
  • Existential discussion on 4/3rds
  • Technical discussion on the hypothetical pixel density of the hypothetical Canon EOS 40D. Do expect a spirited discussion! More Canon 40D here. And even more here with a little surprise
  • Nikon future talk discussions: here and here and here and here
  • Will there be a Canon 1Ds Mark III this year and what sensor?
  • Will Canon announce a new Digital Rebel (450D) this year?. And the mythical 3D always rears its head.
  • Again, the above are a combintion of rumors, speculation, wishful thinking, dreams, leaks and who knows what else :)

    Anything goes (well, almost)
  • First impressions on the Yashica EZ-7030. (naming rights sold by Kyocera, they are not back)
  • Do you use flash in a big stadium?
  • Build your ideal camera (on paper, no assembly required!)
  • More on the NFL and Canon/Reebok
  • If it's free, I'll take three! [free software]

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