Saturday, August 11, 2007

Photography Soup (August 11): Olympus E3 teasers

  • Fuji F50fd + Noise Ninja is the subject. A user takes the Fuji F50fd sample pictures from Japan (ISO 100 to 6400 (3mp), downsized) and compares them with ones processed by Noise Ninja (as the name implies, it is a program that deals with noise).
  • Don't forget to Vote in our speculative-spectacular poll on the left column :)
  • How about designing an EVIL camera?. Also discussion.
  • State of the non-DSLRs address and debate
  • Imaging Insider probably has among the highest SPH among camera and photography websites. What's SPH? Stories per hour! Some of the latest updates: new digital photography podcasts, Eggleston exhibition, Playboy photograher, book of the week, need for speed, new ProMOS sensors, various reviews, and a lot more!
  • Zero Noise photography technique?. Is that like fat-free steak or fat-free ice-cream? :)
  • What's the right age for getting started with DSLRs
  • A week would not be complete without at least one full frame discussion. And here's another one
  • Six Nikon and one Zeiss lenses compared!
  • More lens talk on the Pentax 16-50 DA *
  • AA rechargeables discussion
  • Only if you like Goofy polls!. Only if you are into penny pinching!. Only if you are into the color of the DSLR shell. Only if you are into non-DSLRs with RAW!.
  • Invitation to be harsh but honest
  • A switch: from PC to Mac?
  • What will Nikon do about... dust?
  • More Canon 1D Mark III discussions and testing (on the you-know-what issue)
  • Two years with the Canon 5D (pictures in the link!)
  • Thanks for the link to the brand new M-Agine Photography blog!

    Situation Room - Rumoralia Recap! with Volf Kamera-Blitzor
  • Please note that this section is a combination of rumors, speculation, wishful thinking, dreams, nightmares and facts :-)
  • Olympus teases the world with the E3 and asks for patience. Discussion here. Eight "episodes" have been posted by Olympus so far. More E3 threads here and here. E3 is another name for the artist known as E-P1, famous from the "accidental PDF leak" of an Olympus marketing presentation in Europe.
  • Pentax Life discusses pictures from Impress Watch of Japan where Samsung will be rebadging the Pentax DA * lenses. This clearly appears to be more than just a rumor.
  • Discussion on the Canon 40D here. Would you upgrade from a 30D to a 40D?
  • Latest on the Sony Minolta Alpha front. This talks of potential new DSLRs named Sony A50, A300 and A500, and new sensors using simila to CMOS ClearVid technology. Also talks of an (unholy) Sony-Nikon alliance (dream?) to send Canon to the #3 spot... More on Sony here and here
  • Meanwhile on the Canon full-frame side of things, will there be a replacement for 5D this year?

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