Sunday, August 12, 2007

Photography Soup (August 12, 2007)

  • informs us that Pentax is urgently trying to adjust the production of the Pentax 16-50 DA * SDM lens to catch up with demand (link is computer-translated)
  • Don't forget to vote (or change your vote) in our Future DSLR poll on the left-hand corner! It is a multi-selection vote, you can vote for more than one :)
  • A budget laptop for the road?

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • Grammour and the phorums (spielling also are effeckted)
  • Sunny 16
  • To email or to phone? that is the question!
  • More zoom for your Ricoh GX100?
  • A panorama from Portugal
  • Candid street photos
  • Sunday Bird (picture thread, you can guess the topic, but no fabulous prizes)
  • Weekly Closeup (picture thread)
  • Don't forget the Olympus E1! (lots of pictures in the link)

    Inside the Imaging Insider
  • Latest updates from (and on) lens culture, camera obscura, medium format digitals, exhibition news, Morpheus, future talk, post processing, the Queen, new books, printing topics, Frida's last secret, DIY hot shoe adapter, podcasts and a lot more. They have one of the highest SPH among imaging news sites!

    Reports from RumorsVille
  • Time for a G7 follow-up camera? (will they call it ...G8?)
  • Educated speculation on upcoming Sony-Konica-Minolta lenses.
  • The new Alphas discussion from yesterday continues!
  • Nikon future talk continues with the "D300"
  • Will the Canon 40D be weather sealed?
  • New Canon 40D pictures leaked. These will allegedly appear in an upcoming issue of a print photo magazine in the USA.
  • A lot more Canon 40D threads are springing up here

    New Books - Eye-Candy segment
  • These are not recommendations, they are simply new books that might be of interest to some people. For more details, the pictures are links to the Great River :)

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