Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Photography Soup (August 15): Congratulations EISA 2007 winners!

  • Our second review has been posted, this time it is the Sept 2007 issue of Popular Photography - yes, it is a magazine review :)
  • A quick update from dpreview, new Olympus E410/E510 firmware. Read on at dpreview for more details on this version and how to get them.
  • Time to hand out some Awards! No, not me, but EISA, the European Imaging and Sound Association. The Camera and Photo winners are ...revealed here. I won't spoil the results, but I will include some clues in this post later on :-) Let's see if you can spot the clues! More award discussion here. Disappointmetn at RAWsumer as neither of the two non-DSLRs that won an award were RAWsumers
  • Read me! Kodak's Technology Troublemaker (a new name for Evangelist?) John Compton blogs about CMOS vs CCD. This is discussed in the dpreview forums and at IR
  • The latest buzz on the anticipated new Sony Alphas in the Sony SLR Talk forum
  • Can't stop bargain hunting?

    Forum Debates
  • 4/3rds vs 35mm Full Frame!
  • Canon 40D discussion
  • Are Ricoh GRD and GX100 owners tempted by the Sigma DP1? (assuming of course that it will be released before 2099!)
  • Folded optics vs standard optics
  • Merits of full frame revisited
  • Wedding photographers questions
  • To RAW or not to RAW?
  • More on zero noise photography techniques, part II
  • Nikon D2X vs Hasselblad's 39mp
  • Why are Hasselblad prices so high? one asks.
  • Photography no longer exists? asks a Leicaholic.
  • Dental images (it may be painful to look at!)
  • brain teasers (off topic!)

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