Friday, August 17, 2007

Photography Soup (August 17): Sony H3, T200 and T70 leaks do not get much reaction

  • The reaction to the leaks of the Sony H3 and Sony T200 and T70 has been rather subdued. Infact one could say that because of that Sony Style Canada has not taken down the microsites for the T200 and T20 yet!
  • According to the Sigma 18-200 DC OS for the Nikon mount will go on sale in Japan at the end of August for around 83,000 yen. Sigma Japan page (computer-translated). Also coming out in Europe for 450 euros according to (german text)
  • Thanks to everyone voting in our Future DSLR poll. After 150+ votes, the Olympus E-P1 (E3) seems to be the one that most interests the readers of this blog, followed by the Nikon D3 (D3X / D3h) and then the Nikon D300 just ahead of the Canon 5D follow-up and 40D... There are some intermittent technical difficulties with the blogger polls. Unfortunately I have no control over how fast they get fixed.
  • Looking for more details on how make the most out of your Sony H1, H2 or H5? Check out Katz's white paper (in HTML)
  • Lots of new news at the Imaging Insider including links to new podcasts, new reviews, new R&D, photo exhibitions, disposable digitals, microstock tips, how tos, press releases, books and a lot more!
  • Photo tips from Harry Nowell
  • If it's free, I'll take four. Four free online books (PDF format).
  • For bargain hunters only!

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • When forum stalkers attack!
  • Let's give some love to some of the non-mass market cameras: Some Singapore pictures taken with the Seiko Epson RD1 with Cosina Voigtlander15mm f4.5 super heliar aspherical
  • Pentax K10D winning the EISA camera of the year award has sparked a vivid debate (jealousy perhaps?) :)
  • She wore nothing but she wore it so well [prudes do not click!]
  • Politically themed discussion on Bilal
  • Lots of camera recommendations in the dpreview Beginners forum
  • Laptop purchase questions. To Vista or not to Vista? Speaking of which, here is one sub-$500 versatile laptop
  • We know about the "magic 6mp Fuji superccd sensor" but how about the next best low-light cameras?
  • And the full frame debate du jour
  • More Panasonic FZ18 sample pictures discussed
  • Take a Konica pancake and put it on an Olympus E-series body and you get this!
  • Do comment and critique threads belong in a tech forum?
  • CHDK firmware hacks for Canon digital cameras discussion
  • Price comparison between Europe and North America
  • Quick in-store impressions on the Casio Exilim EX-S880. (the one with the ceramic lens)

  • Another Canon 40D thread but with a twist: Predict and then take a vow of silence. This guy may be close to the actual 40D
  • Meanwhile german website predicts August 23 the day when Nikon makes new announcements. The Nikon dpreview forum discuss this. One predictions says 12 new items will be announced (combination of DSLRs, lenses and such)
  • A classic flame bait troll post on the future of 4/3rds and 35mm full frame.
  • A pot-pouri of recent rumors on Canon and Sony at at the PMA-Rumors blog
  • D300 revisiteD
  • Rumor, fact, fiction or dream? Play the game!
  • When will megapixels match lens resolution?
  • It takes Pink Floyd to wake up a forum!
  • Do you foresee a Leica full-frame M digital?
  • Never too early to think ahead to a Fuji F60 Pro. Some interesting ideas!

    Humor Central: Why does this food item appeal to Fuji digital camera users? :-) (This is a poor blog, so unfortunately no fabulous prizes for the ones who guess right)

    Eye-Candy segment. Books are eye-candy for the mind!

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