Saturday, August 18, 2007

Photography Soup (August 18)

Around the "Internets"

  • RAWsumer has created a list of all the non-DSLR digital cameras announced in 2007 that support RAW. And by "all" I mean just five of them, and one of the five is just an infrared sensitive version of a 2006 camera.
  • The people at Northlight have some interesting posts on the upcoming Canon DSLRs thanks to a "source". Latest updates on: 40D, 1Ds Mark III, 5D replacement, next Digital Rebel, sensor technology, DIGIC IV (4) and lots more. A must read if you are interesting in upcoming and future releases! Expectations are for a Monday announcement. If so, expect more leaks during the weekend :)
  • Don't hold your breath waiting for the Sigma DP1, but you can read all about it
  • Lots and lots of new news from the whole world of imaging at Imaging Insider. A sample of their stories: podcasts, exhibits, hundreds of naked people protesting global warming (and getting freezer burns), secret codes on Adobe's building, how-tos, and dozens more new links!
  • Opinion on Panasonic FZ18 samples at AminPhoto blog

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • A humorous take on the Nikon D3. And an Olympus E-P1 (hint: it is not the E-P1 you may want to see!)
  • Lots of pictures of Heather Lee
  • We have the first recorded 40D pre-order!
  • How large are your large prints from the Nikon D2X? And more on the D2X vs the 39mp Hasselblad
  • Leica, Nikon and Canon debated
  • Critique vs AdVice
  • A thread dedicated to street photography
  • Pentax users continue to celebrate the upcoming Carl Zeiss MF KA lenses

  • Eye-candy for the brain:

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