Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Photography Soup (August 21, 2007)

  • As we are digesting the new Canon offerings, we must also prepare for the next wave, starting with Nikon and Pentax this week. I just posted speculations for each one of the remaining major camera manufactures with DSLR implications. It was supposed to be a short sneak preview of the next 10 days but it somehow grew longer and longer. A must read for speculation hawks :-)
  • Meanwhile the hands-on previews continue at dpreview, this time with the Canon Picture Styles Editor, a program that allows you to custom design Picture Styles and upload them to your DSLR. A very clever idea and kudos to Phil for giving us a hands-on preview right away!
  • Chart-topping Canon: The Canon 40D has shot all the way to the #1 spot of the Amazon Camera and Photo Best Sellers list. The 40D with 28-135 lens is also in the top 20, while the G9 is in the Top 30. An impressive showing for the 40D. Perhaps people were rewarding Amazon for the early leak ;-) Discussion of this here
  • Lots and lots of photography and imaging news at Imaging Insider. Not just technology, but covering all aspects of photography, including exhibitions around the world.
  • Bargain hunters check here
  • Budget but value-packed laptop here
  • The blog site is experiencing some intermittent problems. If you cannot access a part of this blog, please wait for a few minutes and it should be fixed.
  • And now let's see how the photographic community is digesting the new Canon products (well digesting the press releases and previews, since the products are not released)

    Canon reaction in the dpreview forums
  • Discussion of the Canon G9 sample pictures (samples from Canon Japan)
  • 1Ds Mark III samples discussed. And some noise complaints.
  • New Sony sensor vs Canon 40D
  • More discussion on 40D's dress
  • Who's buying the new 40D? How about the 1DsMk3?
  • Canon vs Nikon Round #240010304: 40D vs D80. And how about 40D vs D200?
  • 1Ds Mk III reaction from Nikon users
  • How about a 5D replacement at PMA 2008?
  • EF-S 55-250 lens discussion
  • Canon 40D vs 30D
  • What exactly do you get from 14-bit A/D?. Also here
  • Thread solely discussing 40D + lenses product availability
  • Why is the 40D bundled with the 28-135 fullframe lens?
  • Why no in-body IS from Canon?. And will Canon lose money on the cheap IS lenses?

    Sony expectations in the dpreview forums
  • The new face of Sony?
  • Image-Acquire.com thinks they have the Sony A300 specs

    Nikon expectations in the dpreview forums
  • Thom Hogan on Nikon. The topic of the discussion is Hogan's latest Contemplations
  • Forum predictions on the upcoming Nikon announcement.
  • Wait for 1pm Japanese time on Wednesday August 23, 2007. Unless a leak becomes a lake (guess the lyric and win no fabulous prizes).
  • The new Sony sensor
  • Will the D300 take SD cards?
  • Nikon and lunar eclipse?

    Everything else
  • Is there a need for speed? (high fps)
  • Inviting Guest Photographers to the wedding, on top of the hired guns. (discussion of this)
  • What about the Olympus flagship? ask the Olympus users.
  • Lost among the excitement is the first review of the Panasonic FZ18. Discussion of the review

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