Thursday, August 9, 2007

Photography Soup (August 9, 2007): Will the Nikon D300 use the Nikon Foveonesque sensor?

  • The Photography Soup has switched to an international date format to make it easier for all people across the globe. This blog cares for you! :)
  • Patent Hunting!. dpreview forum user "imagewest" has discovered a Nikon patent for a full-color RGB sensor from 2003 at USPTO. This discovery earned him a coveted mention on the front page of dpreview!. A detailed diagram of the sensor design from the patest also at dpreview. The big question is: Will we see this sensor in action or is this part of their R&D but won't make it to an actual sensor?
  • And here is my (rather wild and unfounded) speculation: Will the Nikon D300 use the Nikon Foveonesque sensor? Three colors match the 300 in the D300 name :-) Perhaps a co-promotion with the movie 300? This then could make a future D200s/D200x simply a sequential update to the Nikon D200 (in typical Nikon fashion). It would be a D200s if it uses the same sensor as the D200, and if it uses the 12mp sensor of the D2x, then it would be a D200x. This of course assuming the D3 (or D3X and D3h) use a more traditional sensor - perhaps the mythical Sony 1.1x. I doubt Nikon would risk making a D200x too close to the top D-series, so the D200x would only get the D2x sensor if the D3 gets something different/better. Again this paragraph is pure and wild speculation!

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    Today's featured pictures come from Ms Pentax, a photography enthusiast from Japan who specializes in pictures of pancakes. Here are her three favorite shots:


    Dr Hiding Pup said...

    The King of Sparta uses a D300 to slay the Invincibles, who all have exceptionally powerful Canon.

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Very nicely done!!!