Thursday, August 23, 2007

Quick blog update (and discover new sites)

  • If any websites or blogs out there that cover photography, cameras, technology, and electronics (among other areas) would like to exchange links, please let me know! The email address is the name of this blog (no spaces, the name in the url before at gmail dot com :)
  • If you forget the url of this blog, you can easily find it by Googling "1001 noisy" :-)
  • Wall to wall discussions of the new Nikon D3 and D300 in the Nikon advanced DSLR forum at dpreview. Every single aspect of the new cameras is analyzed and put under the forum microscope. And the discussion continues to move fast. The last post in the first page is only 35 minutes old. Nikon has managed to create a big stir since they made different cameras than Canon. This makes the market place even more exciting and diverse (but also frustrating for some).
  • Let me say thanks to the blogs and websites that have linked to our coverage of the new DSLR camera craziness of this week.
  • Thanks to Imaging Insider for their continued coverage of our stories. Imaging Insider covers a variety of news stories from the world of digital imaging and photography from various angles: professional, amateur, the imaging industry and the arts.
  • Thanks to the Digital Pro Talk blog for linking to our coverage of the latest Nikon and Canon announcements. David Ziser, an internationally renowned portrait and wedding photographer shares his knowledge at his Digital Pro Talk blog.
  • Thanks to The Digital Photographer Phillipines for linking to our 10 days of speculation post! The Digital Photographer is a print magazine and online forum covering the subject.
  • Also thanks to Pentax World for linking to our coverage of 10 days of speculation. Pentax World is an internet forum/community for Pentax users.
  • Also thanks to for linking to our Nikon coverage. is a website and forum that covers photography in Vietnam.
  • Our next update will come in 8 to 10 hours, gathering reactions from the new Nikon D3 (DeathStar?) and D300, digging into the Panasonic L10 leak, looking into the nine new Olympus digital cameras announced yesterday (their announcement was crashed by the D3 and D300).
  • Don't forget to vote in our future DSLR poll (in the left column under the Blog Archives) where the new Nikon D3 and D300 are making a run at the Olympus E3 (E-P1).
  • And now to something else: This blog is supported by viewers readers like you! You can encourage this blog to continue bringing you digital camera coverage and unique off-beat features by making your Amazon purchases using our referral links. And those with a few million in the bank, please feel free to buy everything listed in this blog ;-)

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