Thursday, August 23, 2007

Canon vs Nikon, the epic debates: Reactions, Overreactions, Excitement and Drama caused by the Nikon D3 and D300

  • You are watching a live blog update in progress! I am liveblogging my blogging :). This marathon post is now officially finished :)

    Camera Previews!
  • Nikon D3 preview: dpreview, IR, YouTube (video preview), e-photographia
  • Nikon D300 preview: dpreview, IR,, e-photographia
  • No Amazon pre-orders yet.

    Impressions from the Nikon Press Event in Tokyo
  • Presentation slides courtesy of E-Fotografija
  • Report from the event at E-fotografija
  • IR Tokyo report.
  • Thom Hogan's take
  • Gizmodo (multimedia happy website)
  • RG (Rob Galbraith)
  • ThinkCamera

    Initial monthly production outputs
  • Thanks to this dpreview thread of a Reuters story at Yahoo News (railroad!)
  • Nikon D3: 8000 per month
  • Nikon D300: 60,000 per month (a very healthy number for a $1800 camera!)

    Epic Canon vs Nikon debatathons
  • Nikon D300 vs Canon 1Ds Mark III discussion
  • Canon 5D vs Nikon D3 discussion. Another thread here, and another one
  • Battle of the full frame Titans
  • Canon 40D vs Nikon D300. Here as well. And an AF comparison
  • And who has the edge on Class?

    Nikon reaction
  • Catch every single sentence of every debate in the Nikon advanced DSLR forum at dpreview. Here are some spotlight threads:
  • My favorite quote so far: "It's not Mk III competition, it's Mk III epitaph" (I am not endorsing the comment, it is simply my favorite comment)
  • Who is making the sensors?. Another one on the sensors. Thom Hogan's table may have the answer (I still do not know 100%, I haven't gone through all the discussions yet). And another sensor post. RG says that Nikon is not revealing their manufacturing partner
  • Very good post in Random thoughts on the D3 and D300.
  • Are you getting the D3 or the D300?. If they are free, I'll take three of each, thank you :)
  • What do landscape photographers think about these new cameras?
  • D3 existential question
  • D3 is not perfect, what's missing?
  • Correcting a misconception on the 3" 920K dot LCD
  • Details comparison table of all Nikon DSLRs by Thom Hogan
  • Pre-ordering support group
  • RAW buffer questions
  • Not everyone is happy with the D300
  • Timing: Purchased the D200 two days ago
  • What if you put the D3 sensor in a D300 body?
  • Is the D3 a Canon killer?

    Canon reaction
  • Catch every single sentence of every debate in the Canon advanced DSLR forum at dpreview. Here are some spotlight threads:
  • I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors, but this one thinks that 1Ds Mk 3 pre-orders were pulled
  • How are Canon users affected by this?
  • The Nikon has landed
  • Who is switching to Nikon now?
  • Reaction on Canon's dollars and sense
  • Ouch?
  • Canon users concede this round
  • Focus Calibration
  • On the D300
  • A 12mp full-frame sports shooter?
  • I adore Nikon?
  • Sky is falling?

    Everything Else
  • Full frame wars decided?
  • Thanks to the Luminaire Images blog for their link to our big Nikon news post.
  • Recap of the Sony 1.25x sensor rumors at InfoDigitalCamera
  • A great resource via links is
  • An interesting discussion on a new 6mp 1/1.8" Sony CMOS sensor that can do up to 60fps at 6mp full-resolution (10-bit) or 15fps at 12-bit full res. dpreview forum discussion

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