Monday, August 20, 2007

Reactions to the new Canon 40D, 1Ds3 and the Sony 12.5mp IMX021 sensor

Straight from the source

  • The dpreview review of the Canon G9 is coming in a couple of weeks according to Simon of dpreview. A gallery of 27 production pictures from the Canon G9 has been posted at dpreview

    Forum reactions to Canon's new products
  • Are you buying the 40D and why?
  • Pentax users discussing the new Canon 40D. Here as well. Discussion of sensor-based stabilization vs $200 EF-S IS lens
  • Are you buying the Big Daddy? (1Ds Mark III)
  • Updates from Japan (via dcwatch)
  • Not everyone is happy though!. Some think the 40D is a Digital Rebel in a fancy dress (theme song: Bowie's 70s song "Rebel Rebel")
  • More G9 picture samples from Japan (IT Media)
  • Ricoh users opine on the new G9 - someone for the GX100 to compete with!
  • Sony users react to Canon's new DSLRs, and specifically and 40D. More here
  • Nikon users react to the Canon DSLRs here, and here, and here
  • Olympus users react
  • Reactions from Canon users: here (sample image discussion) and here (more sample image discussion) and here and here and here and here and here
  • Pretty much the Canon 40D/30D/20D forum has switched to wall to wall discussion of the 40D. Even threads for the EOS 50D have cropped up! (some in jest)

    Forum reactions to Sony's new 12.5mp DSLR sensor
  • Sony SLR users's reaction
  • What if Sony makes a 35mmFF sensor using the same pixel size?
  • Discussion of the Sony sensor press release
  • Nikon DSLR users reaction: here and here and here and here
  • Canon users react here (40D obsolete already?)

    Everything else
  • In the interest of equal time, here are some general interest items of ...interest :)
  • The spirit of an online community is highlighted here. An uplifting story!
  • Most inspiring Sigma photographers
  • Some pictures: The weekly closeup
  • When AA alkaline batteries explode!
  • What do you do with old cameras?
  • What is the practical difference between 12-bit and 14-bit A/D?
  • Olympus users are waiting for their turn (read: Olympus E3 or E-P1). Some not so patiently
  • Monopod as a hiking pole. (or a Gandalf staff!)
  • Lots and lots of cat pictures in this thread. A must for cat lovers!

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