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State of the Camera Nation: Nikon, Canon, Pentax, and Sony (first reports from actual Canon 40D buyers!)

Blogging World

  • I just posted the 3rd noisy review - of a magazine: Digital Photographer (USA, August 2007)

    Nikon World
  • Another forum user shares his hands-on preview experience with the D3 at a Nikon event in Osaka, Japan. He also makes a comment about noise.
  • What's happening to Canon? And what is Nikon doing in that boat? (link is a picture, worth 1000 words, providing an interpretation of the latest releases from the two companies). Must see! (unless you are a big fan of Canon) Another interpretation/reaction with a picture
  • My opinion from earlier today on why the Nikon D3 and D300 have created a big kerfuffle
  • A recap of yesterday's reactions in yesterday's post
  • Nikon users are voting today. Phil Askey has asked the Nikon advanced DSLR forum users to give their feedback whether to split the forum, the D300 vs the D1/D2/D3 series. And a quick poll on the D300
  • Crazy for loving you? (D3)?
  • D3 and landscape photography
  • Nikon users discuss the dpreview 40D sample images (see post below under "Canon World")
  • 12-bit vs 14-bit RAW/NEF files
  • Is the D300 really at 2.5 fps when using 14-bit RAW?
  • Ken Rockwell creates a stir with his "reviews" of the D3 and D300.
  • D300 and ISO 100? (a common theme among Nikon DSLRs)
  • $5000 for a pro full frame? (discussion of costs and electronics)
  • Given the D3 announcement, will you buy another DX lens?. And a similar discussion
  • Discussion of a video preview of the Nikon D3, from Nikon Spain with english subtitles. Link is a discussion and includes link to the video. Video does not open with this link.
  • AF comparison: D300 vs D200
  • Are these the first unofficial pictures from the D3?. They are very small (file) size and ISO 400. Nothing to evaluate really, unless you like volleball pictures

    Canon 40D first hands-on reports in the dpreview forums! (from individual buyers!)
  • This forum user has handled a live Canon 40D (and bought it too!). The first pictures he posted are of the meow variety. Parallel discussion here
  • But he is not the only one! Another forum user has bought the 40D. He made sample images available in a 100mp ZIP file!
  • And another one just bought the camera!

    Canon World - featuring the 40D and the 1Ds Mk III
  • dpreview has posted a Samples Gallery from a pre-production Canon EOS 40D. A total of 30 images. Phil stresses the point that this is not a final production camera, so not jump to dramatic conclusions (not just yet). Gallery is discussed in this hot forum thread. More discussions of the 40D sample pictures: here
  • High ISO pictures from Japan as well from DC Watch (the link is to a discussion of the images which includes a link to the images).
  • Why is the 40D better than the D300?
  • Did the 40D rule the world for three days?
  • Is the 40D is going to outsell the D300???
  • Demands for the 40D to sell for $850
  • Landscape photographers: 5D or 30D or 40D?
  • More discussions about 14-bits
  • Post-processing an ISO 3200 (picture) from Canon 40D
  • Mental health question
  • How should Canon respond to the Nikon D300?
  • Buying the 40D over the D300?
  • 40D vs D300 - LCD comparison!. And another one here
  • The Canon 40D user manual is available in Hong Kong (traditional chinese)
  • Another 40D vs D300 (or is it 300D vs D40? which is actually a reasonable comparison!)
  • What is needed from the Canon "Messiah": 5D Mark II
  • What about Nikon's lenses?. And who made Nikon D3's sensor? - these discussions from a Canon point of view.
  • Now the competition begins!
  • A Fred Miranda poll has created a kerfuffle
  • Look at the scoreboard says a full frame Canon user: 21-12 (megapixels)
  • How do the big wigs at Canon feel?

    Pentax World
  • Would ypu buy a hypothetical Pentax K1 if it had the 12mp 35mm full frame sensor found in the Nikon D3?
  • Pentax users would like to see AF calibration/fine-adjust in their future top-tier DSLRs
  • Do you really need 35mm FF?
  • Sensor discussion including the 645D sensor (a good discussion!)
  • What do you want to see in the K10D successor?

    Sony World
  • Discussion of the new Sony 6mp 1/1.8" sensor. This sensor can go as fast as 60fps at full resolution (10-bit) or 15fps at 12-bit. This could be used in a new generation of super zooms that specifically in E-100RS or Uzi-like speed. Or perhaps a new generation of hybrid camera/camcorder devices with "camera-priority". As you may recall Sony has tried a some of those in the past, the last one being the Sony M2.
  • Picture of the new Alpha DSLR from Korea?. Direct link to the mystery picture
  • Can Sony keep up?
  • What can we infer from the Nikon D3 in terms of Sony dSLRs?
  • Target price for the new Sony dSLR?
  • A September surprise?
  • Nikon D300 sensor from a Sony perspective
  • Another Sony DSLR rumor

  • Headless chickens and the E3
  • Give us the E3 please!
  • Goodbye Olympus
  • What if the E3 fails to satisfy?
  • Reactions to the crazy week of new cameras
  • Will Olympus make an announcement at the US Open?

    Fuji World
  • A forum user brought up the Fuji BigJob HD-3W. It uses the "magic 6mp SuperCCD sensor" but its specs could translate really nice into a mid-range/advance prosumer/RAWsumer even!. Update: This is incorrect! It uses a 6mp 1/2.5" generic CCD sensor, not the "magic Fuji 6mp SuperCCD".
  • Where in the world is Carmen Fuji F31fd?
  • Why is the list of SuperCCD Fuji cameras shrinking?

    R&D World
  • New sensor, up to 2000x more sensitive than CCD. The company mentioned there is in some troubles though

    The rest of the World
  • Will we ever see a Sigma SD14 review (at dpreview)
  • World War III photographers?
  • Which camera fits in which bags? (and vice versa)
  • Beginners mistakes
  • informs us of new firmware for the Casio EX-Z850 adding support for 8gb SDHC and for other purposes.
  • Leaked: Nikon Coolpix S51 sort of - not any details, just price and body colors.
  • How about some love for Ricoh? Here is some speculation on the Ricoh R7
  • Discussion of new Panasonic FZ18 sample pictures (at flickr). User manual discussion.
  • Tired of Canon G9 complaints?
  • Compare the three 18x super zooms!
  • Basic DSLR market shares in Austria (no source listed)
  • A little bit more on the Panasonic L10

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