Sunday, September 9, 2007

12 page hands-on preview of the Nikon D300 at dpreview!

Phil Askey has a treat for Nikon D300 fans today: A 12 page hands-on preview of the camera, done in the usual dpreview-style. Included is a detailed comparison between the D300 and the D200, specs, a brief history of Nikon DSLRs in this segment, menus, operations, display, camera body and tons more. Get to know the camera before you even touch it! And to emphasize, this is a preview, not a review. Some other websites are rather generous in branding "hands-on previews" as reviews, but not dpreview. And I agree, a review is when you have a completed production product in your hands - unless you are reviewing a particular aspect of a camera, eg "ergonomics review" or "user interface review" etc etc.


Bob said...

You are absolutely right about these previews. There are far too many sites that publish this "Preview" as a way to only increase their visits and hits. DPReview is the opposite. They give you something to write home about even when they preview a product. I wish I were in a position to admonish the large number of high profile sites that violate this trust between the visitor and the site. (I learned about your site through Imaging Insider and I totally agree with everything good they say about 1001 Noisy Cameras.)

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thank you so much for your comments and the feedback on my blog! And I absolutely agree with you. Even some of the previews are sometimes not even previews, they are simply press release previews.

Nothing wrong with doing all that, but only a review should be marked as a review, and only a hands-on preview should be marked as a preview, and dissecting the press releases is neither :)