Monday, September 17, 2007

Bargain hunters only: Panasonic LS70 for $97

Attention cybershoppers, for a limited time (until 1pm ET/New York City time today), you can get a brand new Panasonic LS70 silver for $97 from Amazon as a lightning round gold box deal of the day (that's a mouthful!). Regular price after 1pm ET will be $127. Yes, this basic 7mp, 3x optical camera has a MegaOIS lens. To see the special price you have to check your Amazon Gold Box (gold not included!).

There is potential model soup confusion here, the LS75 and LS60 were announced for Europe while the LS70 was announced in North America in February 2007. Details at Photography Etc and a list of two reviews of this camera at, the most high profile review being Steve's. Another camera and photo lightning round comes at 5pm eastern time (New York City), but I do not know what it will be.

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