Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blast from the Past: Summer of 2004

In our new segment "Blast from the Past", we will be taking random trips down memory lane and looking at what cameras were hot at the particular point in time!

So for our first trip in the blog version of the TARDIS we jump back to the summer of 2004, where PC World touts the "Hot New Cameras for the Summer". Yes, it is just three years ago, but in terms of digital cameras it's almost long enough to call it a generation gap.

Their ten hot cameras spotlighted included the grandfathers of some of today's popular model lines, such as Panasonic FZ10, Sony T1, and Canon S1 IS. All three series have grown quite a bit since! The rest of the cameras featured were a bit less influential such as the Fuji A330, Nikon 3200, Minolta Dimage Z2, Olympus D580, HP R707, Canon S500 (not SD, this was a CF-based Elph/Ixus/Ixy/Pixie/Pick-a-name-Canon!), and the Kodak DX7630 which was touted as having the best battery life of the group with 355 shots using a LiIon.

Meanwhile in their Best of 2004 feature they selected the original Canon Digital Rebel (300D), the critically acclaimed Olympus C8080 and the Sony W1.

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