Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Charts around the world!

This Readers Choice feature is back with another installment. In today's episode we travel around the world in 80 blog days :) Please keep in mind these are snapshots of best seller lists as seen on the web! A number of factors can influence these, so please do not draw any long term conclusions based on this post alone :)

Amazon Great Britain
1. Canon IXUS 70
2. Sony W55
3. Canon IXUS 950
4. Canon IXUS 75 black
5. Casio Ex-Z1050 black
6. Casio Ex-Z75 silver
7. Canon Ixus 70 black
8. Fuji S5700 (aka S700)
9. Sony W200
10. Sony W35
11. Olympus FE-230
12. Canon A550
13. Fuji S9600 (aka S9100)
14. Canon Ixus 960
15. Sony S650
16. Canon A570 IS
17. Sony W80
18. Fuji F40fd
19. Fuji F31fd (attention US buyers, it is still in stock in the UK!)
20. Fuji S6500fd (S6000fd)
21. Canon Digital Rebel 400D XTi with kit lens
23. Panasonic TZ3 black
26. Samsung NV5
28. Canon G9
31. Sony S800 (not available in all regions)
36. Samsung NV3
37. Canon G7
41. Canon S5 IS
43. Samsung S800
45. Pentax K110D with kit lens
46. Fuji F20
47. Nikon D40 with kit lens
48. Nikon S200
72. Fuji F50fd (DSLRs not included)
1. Panasonic TZ3, it puts the fun in fun-zoom
2. Canon A720-IS, as I mentioned the day it was announced, this is destined to be a hot seller because of the combination of price and features
3. Panasonic LX2 (unique form factor sells!)
4. Sony W200 (megapixels do sell!)
5. Canon SD850-IS
6. Olympus SP-550
7. Sony T200
8. Panasonic FZ50
9. Sony W7 (blast from the past model!)
10. Canon S5 IS
11. Panasonic FX100

Map Camera in Japan (computer translated via
New cameras
1. Panasonic LX2
2. Panasonic FX100
3. Ricoh GX100 with VF
4. Nikon D80
5. Olympus E510
6. Pentax K10D
7. Ricoh GRD
8. Nikon D200
9. Canon 30D
10. Pentax K100D

Used cameras
1. Ricoh GRD
2. Canon EOS Kiss Digital Rebel X
3. Pentax K10D
4. Pentax K100D
5. Ricoh GX100 with VF

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