Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Charts: Snapshots of Best selling camera lists at online retailers

After a short hiatus, the Charts feature returns. The name is an homage to the music charts. In today's installment we look at some of the best sellers at Amazon as of right now. Please note that this is merely a snapshot, and no conclusions should be drawn by just one of these. Various factors could affect the ranking at any point in time. And with the disclaimer out of the way, here we go:

Overall Top 10
1. Canon SD1000 (very popular ultracompact)
2. Canon A570-IS (bang for the buck)
3. Canon SD850-IS (bling bling)
4. Canon S5-IS (what a price drop - is a new emergency Canon superzoom coming up???)
5. Canon SD800-IS (this starts at 28mm)
6. Canon A560 (bang for the buck)
7. Canon SD750
8. Canon A550 (bang for the buck)
9. Canon A460 (a Canon with optical zoom for almost $100? Wow!)
10. Canon Digital Rebel XTi 400D with 18-55 EF-S kit lens

You may have noticed that the top 10 is dominated by Canon, so I am doing a Top 10 of Non-Canon cameras:
1. Sony W55 black
2. Panasonic FZ8 black
3. Fuji S700
4. Olympus Stylus 750
5. Sony W55 pink
6. Kodak Z712-IS
7. Nikon D40 with kit lens
8. Panasonic LZ7 black
9. Sony W80
10. Nikon Coolpix 50c (c = Wifi capable)

Part of the reason Canon dominates is because most of their popular cameras are available in either one or two colors. In contrast, the Sony W55 is available in at least four colors, and the fun-zoom Panasonic TZ3 in at least three. This obviously dilutes sales of the individual colors. Unfortunately information on totals per model is not available.

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