Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Charts (DSLRs, superzooms, and prosumers)

As promised in the coming up this week post, we have another edition of The Charts. Remember these are just snapshots of the best selling cameras as listed at the various websites. No long term conclusions should be drawn just by looking at a couple of them. In today's edition we look at the Amazon Top 100, from which we extract the DSLRs, the long-zooms and the prosumers and create a chart for each category.

1. Canon Digital Rebel 400D XTi with kit lens, black
2. Canon 40D, body only, now shipping
3. Nikon D40 with 18-55 DX kit lens
4. Canon Digital Rebel 400D XTi body only, black
5. Canon Digital Rebel 350D XT with kit lens, black
6. Nikon D300, body only (on the strength of pre-orders)
7. Canon Digital Rebel 400D XTi with kit lens, silver
8. Canon 40D with 28-135 EF lens
9. Nikon D40x with 18-55 DX kit lens
10. Pentax K10D with 18-55
11. Nikon D80 with 18-135 DX
12. Canon 1D Mark III
13. Canon Digital Rebel 350D XT body only, black

Top Long-Zooms
1. Canon S5 IS
2. Canon S3 IS
3. Panasonic FZ8K
4. Fuji S700 (aka S5700)
5. Panasonic TZ3K
6. Kodak Z712-IS
7. Fuji S6000fd (aka S6500fd)
8. Olympus SP-550
9. Panasonic TZ3A (blue color, A for Azure?)
10. Sony H7
11. Panasonic TZ3 silver (the 3rd TZ-series model in the Top 100)
12. Canon TX1 (not a TZ-killer for sure)

Prosumers For the purposes of this chart I am using a liberal definition of prosumer, basically I include every camera that offers RAW or is more advanced than the average camera
1. Canon G9
2. Panasonic FZ8
3. Fuji S6000fd (aka S6500fd)
4. Olympus SP-550
5. Canon A650-IS
6. Panasonic LX2K
7. Leica D-Lux 3 (see camera above)

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