Sunday, September 16, 2007

Coming this week at 1001 noisy cameras

This is a tentative plan of roughly what to expect for the upcoming week. This is more of a guideline than a project plan tasklist. This is not intended as a complete list either.

  • A Sunday editorial (aka VIDI)
  • More Photography Soup and Overheard in the Dpreview Forums round-ups
  • A new edition of The Charts.
  • Some more speculation! Until then, this a speculation recap that was posted yesterday.
  • I will start working on the New Feature that will be decided by the Blog Readers. There are still four days of voting left, the one with the most votes will be posted by the end of the month. Please don't make me review the yellow pages :-) The Poll in on the left column of this blog!
  • No planned reviews, although I'm tempted to post a lens cap review ;-)

    Also coming up (carried forward from previous weeks)
  • An attempt at a slightly different way to look at the digital camera market (this is intentionally vague)
  • Finish off the Xmas in September Buyers Guide
  • Fuji cameras with the "magic"/SuperCCD sensors
  • Time permitting a review round-up of cameras of interest (completed camera reviews, not previews labeled reviews)
  • A summary of all the New Cameras in August 2007. Here are the New Cameras of July 2007

  • next few days: Canon G9 review at DCresource
  • Early October: DCresource goes on vacation
  • October 16 or so, Official Olympus E3 announcement
  • Photokina 2010: 12mp full frame Digital Rebel is introduced [just kidding]
  • If you think any other events belong to the calendar, let me know!
  • If I knew of any big or shocking upcoming camera announcements, this is where I would put a teaser. If you have any tips however, please feel free to send them to (name of this blog) at gmail dot com.

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