Sunday, September 2, 2007

Coming this week to a blog near you!

This is a tentative work-in-progress plan for what do expect in the next seven days from this blog. A barrage of new cameras would obviously push things further back. So here are some items:

  • A look at the recent Fuji cameras using the 1/1.7" and 1/1.6" SuperCCD sensors, starting from the "magic 6mp sensor" and up to the new 12mp sensor in the F50fd
  • A Christmas Buyers Guide! Initially I was going to do this in August for comic relief, but the more I looked at it, the more cameras I saw that might become "extinct" by November/December. So the list will be skewed towards cameras that face extinction. Since very few of the new new cameras have been reviewed, they won't be included.
  • Our monthly feature of listing all the cameras announced the previous month (August 2007). The barrage of new releses the last two weeks has pushed this a bit further back.
  • Photography shows on TV (USA market)
  • More coverage of the latest buzz in the forums and around the net, but probably not as crazy as it was during the Canon 40D/1DsMkIII and Nikon D3/D300 announcements. We may have to wait until Photokina 2008 for a repeat of the craziness at that level. But who knows...
  • A new poll will be posted where the blog readers decide which feature of the ones listed I will do. One of them will be tedious and painful so you have a chance to punish me if I have offended your favorite camera or favorite brand :)
  • Question for the Readers: Are you interested in posts that look at the best selling camera lists at various online retailers? (Please note that one cannot reach market share conclusions just from snapshots like that, but they can be fun).
  • If you have a camera or photography related blog and you would like to see it added to the Links here just let me know. The email address is the name of the blog (before the, and after the http://) at gmail dot com.

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