Monday, September 3, 2007

Digital Camera Holiday Shopping Guide (Xmas in September edition)

Initially this was conceived in August as a half-joke/half-serious attempt at looking at the buying options out there. But once I started looking at it I realized that some unique cameras may actually be extinct by December 2007, so buying them now might be a good idea. For the purposes of this guide, cameras that were recently introduced and have only been around for a couple of weeks are not included since there is not much history on them just yet. They will be included in the "Cameras to watch" segment at the end of this guide however.

This will be grow organically. I decided against writing it all first and then publishing. Instead you will get what I write almost right away. Here is the agenda (what categories to expect):

  • Against the grain (this will be interesting): Ricoh GX100, Sigma SD14, Samsung Pro815, Samsung L700 (see why here [link coming later])
  • "Magic" Fuji sensors: First tier: Fuji F31fd, F20, and S6000fd. Second tier: F40fd, F45fd, F47fd, E900, S9000 and S9100
  • Budget long zooms: Fuji S700
  • Budget long zooms with IS: Kodak Z712-IS, Panasonic FZ7 and FZ8
  • $300 Zooms with IS: Canon S3 IS, Panasonic TZ3
  • Fun Zooms: Panasonic TZ3, Nikon S10, Canon TX1
  • Big Zooms: Fuji S9000, S9100, Panasonic FZ30, FZ50 and Leica V-Lux 1, Samsung Pro815
  • Rangerfinder Memories: Panasonic LX2, Nikon P5000, Leica M8 digital (ha!)
  • RAWsumers: There are so few of them, all of them are included
  • Budget PSAMs: Canon A550, A560, A570-IS, A710-IS, A630
  • Weatherproofs: Pentax Optio W30, Olympus Stylus lineup
  • 28mm wide subcompacts: Canon Sd800IS, Panasonic FX-
  • mass market subcompacts: Canon SD1000, Casio Exilim EX-Z and EX-S lineup
  • "bijou" subcompacts: Sony T-series
  • Endurance (good battery life): Fuji F31fd
  • 3" LCD: coming later
  • Unique cameras: Ricoh GRD, Samsung L74w, Canon TX1, Leica M8 digital, Olympus Stylus 770SW, Samsung NV-series (NV10 being the post child), Pentax Optio W30, Olympus SP-550 (started the super-superzoom (hyperzoom) craze)
  • Disappointments (not sure if I will include this, I don't want to offend the readers)
  • Wireless (maybe): coming later
  • Find it Used: Fuji E550, Kodak P880
  • Cameras to watch later in the year: coming later
  • For the purposes of this exercise I am dividing DSLRs into three amorphous categories: Expensive, Mid-Range and Nice Price.
  • More categories are details are coming up. This is a work in progress!!!


    Candy said...

    I'm looking forward to this one. This will be very interesting.

    Please do include camera disappointments. It will make for interesting reading.

    I wouldn't worry about offending anyone... however, that might lead to a lively discussion.

    Like sports, people just take these things way too seriously. LOL

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Thanks Candy! Okay, since there is popular demand, I will include disappointments and cameras to avoid as well :-)

    I agree people do tend to take things toooo seriously at times!

    Hopefully I'll finish this one by the end of this week - unless there's another wave of new cameras that throws me off.