Friday, September 21, 2007

Reviewing the Review: Panasonic FX100 at dcresource (experimental blog feature)

This is an experimental feature I'm trying out. Basically it's a review of a digital camera review :) Let's see where this experiment takes us! This is a live posting of my review, so expect a few typos and "misformats" before its finalized! This message will not disappear once the post is finalized :)

The Review: Panasonic FX100 is the camera, reviewed by

Measurable Review Metrics

  • Timing: First among the major review sites to review the Panasonic Lumix DMC FX100
  • Sample image Gallery included: YES
  • Printer friendly version of the review available: YES
  • Battery life numbers included: YES
  • List of competitors/similar cameras included: YES
  • Discussion of noise/ISO: YES
  • Executive summary/conclusions: YES
  • Measurebator and pixel peeper features: Light
  • Discussing absence/presence of manual features: YES
  • Discussing Negatives/Cons (aka not drinking manufacturer Koolaid): YES
  • Keeping an eye out for Mac Users: YES
  • Specs: Not included in the review, but there is a link to their camera detail page that has some of the basic specs.
  • Jokes/Humor included: YES
  • Freudian slip: YES ("not terrible useful") in the pros/cons
  • Cat pictures: YES!

    Now who wants to review my review of the review? :-)


    Candy said...

    Cat pictures, eh?

    What, no pictures of Fido? LOL

    Every time I look on this site there is something new to read.

    Don't you ever sleep? LOL

    Great site, I really enjoy it. Your hard work really shows.

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Hi Candy, Thanks for your comments :)

    I do sleep occasionally, but even then, instead of sleep-walking, I am blog-walking, which may explain some of the fuzzy posts :-)