Saturday, September 22, 2007

For Photography Book readers only! (updated)

There's a special promotion running at Amazon for textbooks offering free two-day delivery with orders over $200. Over 240,000 textbooks qualify for this promotion, including thousands of photography books. You don't have to be college student to receive this special. To receive this special, use coupon TBFALL07 or FACEBOOK. See the Promotion details. You can search the list of 240,000 eligible textbooks. If you search for the keyword photography, you will get over 3000 books.. If you are a Prime member and you already get free 2-day shipping don't feel left out - they will give you a $20 promotional certificate for future purchases.

Update! There is another promotion that gets you 10% off the price of textbooks!. The promotional coupon code for this discount is TB7CHASE. Maximum discount per order is $20, and it only applies to brand new books sold and shipped by Amazon. I do not know if you combine this promotion with the free 2-day shipping.

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