Saturday, September 22, 2007

Meet the candidates for the next buzz camera

As you may have noticed, I added a list of cameras at the top of the blog that are generating buzz - in my opinion. Since the internets are interactive, I have also added a poll asking the readers nation to decide the next buzzworthy camera.

Meet the Candidates
The Canon A650 IS is basically a G9 Lite, except the A650IS has double the battery life when using AA NiMHs. Sadly it does not offer RAW, but it is really a nice bang for the buck camera for people looking for a mid range camera.

The next candidate is the Casio EX-V8. Its predecessor was held back by a number of issues raised by reviewers, but this should not take away from the creative design of this camera. In fact, Pentax has now released their own version.

The Fuji F480 is an interesting camera, it is probably the lowest priced camera that starts at 28mm, and that alone differentiates it from a lot of other cameras.

The Nikon P50 has been described by some as a Nikon P5000/P5100 Lite. This camera is one of the few that start at 28mm, which is unique in itself.

Panasonic muddies the waters again by slotting in the FX 100 between the 1/2.5"-based FX-series and the 1/1.8"-based LX series. Sadly they did not offer any manual/advanced features, but they do offer an interesting proposition with a 1/1.7"-based 12mp stylish but not ultracompact P&S alternative. Kodak did that too with their V1003/V803 and now the V1253/V1233. The FX100 has just been reviewed by

Next up is the camera that could have revitalized the prosumer segment, the Ricoh GX100. This camera can work wonders in the hands of a patient camera enthusiast, but it is not ready for the mass market just yet. However it offers a number of unique or rare features, such as a 24mm wide lens, RAW, add-on viewfinder, and more.

Next up is the continuation of the creative NV-series design from Samsung, the NV20. As expected the megapixels jumped to 12 with this version. The design and the idea behind it are nice, but how will it perform under the reviewer's microscope?

Last but certainly not least is the Sony T200, Sony's flagship T-series camera featuring 5x folded optics, a nice LCD screen, and a lot more!

So what about the rest of the cameras? Well, I had to keep the list relatively short, otherwise a poll with 50 options would have been unreadable. I also tried to include cameras from as many manufacturers as possible, providing they had a model that I considered as a buzzworthy candidate.

But if you think a specific camera should have been included, please feel free to make your case in the comments section right below. Be sure to check that the camera is not already included in the Buzz cameras section above. Also please note this poll is for non-DSLR cameras.

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